JohnRev Skinceuticals x DHL Express: making international delivery haggard-free

JohnRev Skinceuticals x DHL Express: making international delivery haggard-free

/ 11:38 AM January 13, 2022

If asked to say something about himself, Randy Sayson Binondo would simply say he is “laki sa hirap” — that he’s grown up with hardships so he is used to trials, challenges, and poverty during his childhood.

Hailing from Naga City, Camarines Sur, Randy is the most entrepreneurial of his 22 siblings. As a child, he sold anything he could in his little hometown of Camarines Sur to help himself get by. Once he got older, he traveled to Metro Manila in hopes of finding a much more comfortable life. 

DHL Express

From selling anything under the big yellow sun in his small town in Naga City, Camarines Sur, to living under a bridge in Manila, and to eventually finding opportunity as an Overseas Filipino Worker, Randy Sayson Binondo had it rough before finding success in his health and beauty business.

However, living in the concrete jungle of Manila proved more challenging. There was even a time he had to live and sleep under a bridge.

Relentless as he is, Randy found an opportunity in 2009 to become an Overseas Filipino Worker (OFW) in Dubai. Fast forward to 8 years later, his first venture upon his return home was to start a burger franchise which he named Two Guys Burger House. His food business was a resounding success. Eventually, he was able to branch out and open more joints in Antipolo City, Baguio City, Silang, Cavite, and – in a beautiful gesture of coming full circle – Camarines Sur.

The pandemic rough patch and the big comeback

Three years of food business success practically went down the drain in 2020, when COVID-19 hit the country. Refusing to quit, Randy took on job after job, no matter how ‘haggard’ it made him feel. He finally chanced upon becoming a Zumba fitness instructor, where he met several lifestyle brand distributors. This fuelled his interest in the world of online distribution and selling and the health and beauty industry could be his opportunity.

“I had no knowledge, and I had reservations because it was my first foray into health and beauty,” Randy admits. “But I studied it, and eventually, I made acquaintances who would buy from abroad and become my partners.”

Thus, Johnrev Skinceuticals was born.

The goal for this new business venture is to be a one-stop pampering shop. “If a consumer buys from us, I want them to feel pampered from head to toe,” Randy says. And indeed, his company’s success is based on the mantra ‘you name it, we have it.’ 

More than that, Randy’s business can also deliver reliable, affordable, and high-quality health and beauty products to many different countries — the USA, Canada, Taiwan, Japan, Singapore, Australia, and Europe, among many others. 

How did Randy find himself coming full circle and selling anything health and beauty-related under the big yellow sun? With the help of a big yellow machine, DHL Express.

JohnRev Skinceuticals

Big Yellow Machine in shining armor

Carrying over 500 brands and shipping to more than 20 Filipino-run tie-up stores worldwide, having a reliable shipping partner was the obvious next step for Randy. As if the stars aligned for him once more, DHL came around and eventually helped him open an account.

“I was doing everything by myself before, but with DHL, I can truly feel how they care for their customers. They know what they’re doing, and they find ways to make things happen,” Randy comments. In just 24 hours, his business’ shipping requirements were set up. “My international customers often commend our business in terms of delivery because my products arrive promptly, with no damage,” he adds. Thanks to international express service, he built a physical store — with plans for a bigger stock warehouse underway.

Randy has since enjoyed DHL’s exceptional shipping services and all the things that go along with it: paperless trade, timely delivery, secure packaging, DHL value-adding webinars, on-demand deliveries that keep both sellers and customers in the loop about their packages, market insights, and more.

“If I didn’t have an account, I would probably look ‘haggard’ – like I didn’t own a health and beauty business – because of all the hustle. I’m thankful to DHL because I can say with pride that Johnrev Skinceuticals products can be shipped anywhere in the world!”

Finding a Purpose

If asked to say something about himself, Randy Sayson Binondo might tell you that he’s a staunch supporter of local businesses now. His business reflects this, as he acquires locally made products to collect and distribute to his loyal customers. Local artisan-designed packaging might even be in the works. This is simply a testament to Randy’s unrelenting will to help others the way he’s been helped; to let others taste the success of a haggard-free hustle befitting a health and beauty industry entrepreneur.

He reminds budding entrepreneurs like him that, though life may be hard, it’s not impossible to live out your dreams. You can succeed, help people, and have a blast doing it with the right opportunities, the right skills and mindset, and the right partners to help you reach greater heights.

JohnRev Skinceuticals x DHL Express

To find out more about JohnRev Skinceuticals’ wide range of products, please visit Johnrev Skinceuticals on Facebook:  


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