Reimagining physical offices in the next normal with Greenfield Tower

Reimagining physical offices in the next normal with Greenfield Tower

/ 03:52 PM January 11, 2022

As Covid cases in the country continue to drop and quarantine restrictions ease, businesses are reevaluating their workplace strategies and preparing their physical offices for a safe and productive business operation in the next normal. According to the Colliers’ Q3 2021 Property Market Report, property developers should highlight their buildings’ amenities and other value-added features such as the adoption of sustainable office spaces. Aside from providing safe and healthy office spaces, these trends will play a crucial role in future-proofing office towers beyond the pandemic.

This holds true for real estate developer Greenfield Development Corporation (GDC) when they developed Greenfield Tower in 2018. Situated at the heart of the Mandaluyong Central Business District, Greenfield Tower offers a physical work environment where occupants can feel safe and comfortable to work in the new normal and beyond.  

Greenfield Tower

A shift toward Sustainability and Interconnectivity

Built within GDC’s 15-hectare future-ready urban community Greenfield District, the 28-storey Greenfield tower nestles in the middle of wide, green open spaces. With Greenfield’s business park set-up, employees can experience nature while working in the city.  The unobstructed views of greenery from their offices, vast open spaces right outside the building, and a garden in the roof deck can help employees de-stress during breaks. 

Greenfield Tower’s advantageous location offers convenience, accessibility, and safety for employees. With its proximity to major thoroughfares, the office is highly accessible to both private and public transportation. This helps lessen the returning workforce’s concern when it comes to commuting to and from work. In addition, busy employees can enjoy the conveniences of commercial establishments and restaurants within Greenfield District. 

Championing Workplace Wellness and Safety

In the workplace, health and safety are crucial provisions. Under the Philippine Labor Code, Republic Act (RA) No. 11058, employers have a fundamental obligation to offer an environment where health and safety hazards are managed. It is for this reason that GDC has implemented workplace health strategies to assure everyone’s safety when they go back to the office.

At Greenfield Tower, office spaces have high ceilings, a fresh air ducting system, and operable windows, which promote better air circulation. To further protect employees and guests during the pandemic, the management of Greenfield Tower has put in place several health and safety measures including temperature scanning for employees and guests, use of disinfectant mats at the Tower entrance, limiting the number of persons allowed inside the elevator, regular disinfection of restrooms, and round-the-clock security. 

“While a virtual work set-up has been the trend since the pandemic happened, returning to a physical office is still the best option for many companies like outsourcing firms. Greenfield Tower has the design and features that will allow people to comfortably work in offices again without having to worry about their physical and mental well-being,” said Duane A.X. Santos, Executive Vice-President and General Manager of Greenfield Development Corporation.  

Integration through Innovation

Designed mainly to suit the needs of business process outsourcing companies, the Greenfield Tower boasts of well-designed office spaces with reliable IT infrastructure. The typical floor plate is close to 2,500 square meters and about 3-meter ceiling height with a variable refrigerant flow air-conditioning system. The tower can accommodate 24/7 operations, owing to its 100 percent backup power from five units of 2000-kw capacity generator sets. The building also has five levels of basement parking for more than 500 vehicles.  

Businesses, specifically offshore BPOs, will also benefit from the building’s future-ready, high-speed integrated fiber optic internet systems, which provide the digital connectivity essential in maintaining productivity at work.  Greenfield Tower also provides reliable tech support to its tenants. 

Productivity for the Greater Good of the Economy

As the economy continues to slowly recover from the COVID-19 pandemic and more companies begin to welcome the idea of workers back to the office, certain industries could benefit from the return to in-person work. Furthermore, Coming back together is how we will emerge from the recession. According to a survey conducted by The Conference Board, roughly 40% of employers who shifted to remote work have plans to return to the office in some capacity.  It is for this reason that companies are on the lookout for a physical workplace that can support and improve the health, productivity and overall well-being of employees for this transition.

With a convenient location and property features that promote health and wellness, Greenfield Tower provides safe and future-ready spaces where businesses can thrive, and employees can safely work for the long term.

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