Why it’s beneficial to live by the sea

Why it’s beneficial to live by the sea

Why it’s beneficial to live by the sea

More than a place for vacation, a seaside place is actually a therapeutic destination.

Ask anyone who grew up in the province. If you have bad colds, severe asthma, or persistent psoriasis, a regular dip in the ocean can do wonders for your health.


The sea helps boost our immune system, improve our mental well-being, and even reduce signs of cellulitis. It’s called vitamin “sea” for a reason. The fun and wonder that it offers are just added perks to a very long list of benefits the sea offers.


Having a home by the sea is also probably one of the best investments you can make in our country. But while the Philippines is composed of thousands of islands, only a few of us get to enjoy the sea on a regular basis.

If you’re still having doubts as to whether a seaside home is worth your efforts, here are some more reasons why you ought to seek a seashore sanctuary.

Healthy environment

As mentioned, living near the ocean provides numerous health perks. Rich in iodine and sodium, sea water is naturally antiviral and antibacterial.

A quick swim in the morning or a refreshing afternoon wade can help alleviate respiratory problems and skin allergies. It also improves your mental health and reduces bouts of depression.

Moreover, living near the sea encourages people to pursue more active lifestyles. After all, who doesn’t like strolling by the shore especially during sundown, even just to take pictures or spend time with loved ones?

The thrill of beach volleyball, surfing, jet-skiing, and other water-based sports also provides you a great way to exercise. Not only do you get to enjoy a regular release of endorphins, you also absorb more Vitamin D under the heat of the sun.

Why it’s beneficial to live by the sea

The ocean is a great, relaxing environment to establish your next home.

Quick or long breaks

Even with the occasional hordes of tourists, beachfronts are a great place to be to contemplate life. The gentle sounds of the waves and seabirds can relax anyone burdened with troubles, even for a moment. If you live next to the ocean, you have the added benefit of listening to it before you sleep at night and upon waking up in the morning. This is especially helpful if you suffer from insomnia and anxiety.

For creatives, the ocean can also serve as an inspiration and spark for their art. Whether it’s poetry writing, painting, or photography, you can get a lot of ideas just by hanging around on the beach. It’s a great way to destress and practice your passions.

Fresh seafood

Do you love fish, crabs, and other seafood? Well, it makes sense for you to live right next to the place where you can easily get it. While the best way to get fresh, quality seafood is by fishing, foraging, or diving for it, you can still get these even if you don’t have fishing skills.

You can buy fresh seafood directly from the fishermen and divers after their day’s work. Not only do you get more reasonably priced and quality items, you help support local livelihoods. It’s a win-win situation for all.

Why it’s beneficial to live by the sea

You are more inclined to pursue an active lifestyle if you live next to the sea.

Sustainable living

Living next to the ocean allows you to pursue a sustainable lifestyle. Theoretically speaking, you can basically live off the sea, with the natural food and relaxing environment it offers.

That’s why shipwrecked survivors can last for years in deserted islands until they are spotted. Of course, in today’s age, you don’t have to live like Tom Hanks in the film “Cast Away,” but you can enjoy the simple life while still having access to modern conveniences.

A final tip

Considering all these benefits, you might wonder why only a few of us actually make the move and permanently live right next to the ocean. Many people would probably cite their jobs, their children’s schooling, and other external factors that prevent them from enjoying seaside living. You’ll be glad to know, however, that some of the Philippines’ most progressive cities outside Metro Manila are actually right next to the sea.

Places like Davao, Batangas, and Bacolod are celebrated not only for their seaside offerings, but also for their rapid rise in job opportunities and modern conveniences. If you want to enjoy the beach life and urban lifestyle at the same time, these areas will allow you to enjoy both without having to sacrifice your career or your family time.

Why it’s beneficial to live by the sea

A seaside home can improve your mood, sleeping pattern and social relationships.

Davao, in particular, offers more perks with its smoke-free policies, multiple transportation modes, and business-friendly environment. This Southern city might just prove to be the best place to call your next home. However, also keep in mind that not all seaside homes are created equal. Not all building materials thrive in the salt-laden environment. A poorly-built home next to the ocean is a recipe for disaster, especially during typhoons and other bouts of bad weather.

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If you want to ensure your safety and enjoyment, seek a premium-built home that is built to last in a seaside environment. Not only will you have a quality shelter right next to the sea, you will also be provided with modern provisions. This combination gives you the perfect balance of nature and convenience, making your seaside life a real breeze indeed.

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