Craft brand messaging that truly resonates

Craft brand messaging that truly resonates

/ 02:06 AM May 10, 2024

Bea Ballesca-Martinez

Bea Ballesca-Martinez

Bea Ballesca-Martinez is the marketing manager of Century Tuna, the dominant tuna brand in the Philippines. She received the Mansmith Young Market Masters Awards in 2023. In this interview, she discusses the importance of brand messaging and communicating what the brand represents to its target audience.

Question: What do you want consumers to think and feel about your brand when they encounter Century Tuna?


Answer: We’ve always harped on the consumer insight that healthy equals hard. Healthy food has the connotation to be either expensive, inaccessible, or tasteless. Century Tuna offers a healthy source of protein and Omega-3 that’s conveniently packed without preservatives. We want consumers to build the habit of including Century Tuna in their diet without feeling the guilt of a delicious indulgence. By doing so, they can start or continue their journey to becoming a healthier version of themselves.


Q: Could you articulate the core values that underpin your brand identity? How are these values reflected in both the products you offer and the way you engage with your audience?

A: We believe that self-improvement is a journey that involves various practices and mindset shifts. By committing to healthier choices, a person can achieve his or her goals by being able to do more in life. Century Tuna aims to inspire people to be in better shape and in the process, to also inspire others to do the same. The “Superbods” [event] is not just a fitness competition; it is an avenue for healthy individuals to serve as ‘fitspirations’ to the public. Century Tuna also partners with celebrities who have a positive influence on the consumers by encouraging them to eat healthier and to exercise.

Q. What is the unique selling point that sets the Century Tuna brand apart in the market?

A: Century Tuna is the only ready-to-eat delicious canned tuna that can help consumers get into better shape so they can do more. It is a good source of protein and Omega-3 to help with positive body transformations. Omega-3 has been proven to help reduce belly fat with proper diet and exercise. It is also a natural source of protein that helps build muscle. With the inclusion of Century Tuna in one’s diet, the journey to becoming a ‘superbod’ becomes easier.

Q. How has your brand adapted to evolving market trends? Has your positioning changed over the years?

A: Since handling the brand in 2018, I’ve maximized every opportunity to firmly establish Century Tuna’s market dominance, transforming its brand image from fit and sexy to strong and healthy, with a heart. We’ve redefined health by taking on a holistic approach towards it—physical, mental, emotional, social. Century Tuna continues to be positioned as the healthy meal solution to those who want to be better versions of themselves. We acknowledge that the road to becoming a ‘superbod’ can be difficult, but with small, sustainable steps we take daily, it can become easier.


Q. In what ways has storytelling helped in transitioning the brand to meet changing consumer demands and different consumer segments?

A: Harping on stories of positive body transformations has helped inspire more and more people to take care of themselves better. Serving as ‘fitspirations,’ the ‘superbods’ share their own experiences on hardships, failures and motivations for staying healthy and fit. By being able to tell their stories in a captivating and compelling way, our consumers (whether they’re young or old, male or female, rich or poor) can draw inspiration to become better by having a proper diet and exercise.

Q. With changing market dynamics, how do you ensure that your core messaging remains relevant and resonant with your target audience?

A: We remain with our brand purpose: Everybody can be a ‘superbod.’ Everyone has a chance to become a better version of one’s self. We continue to improve our product offering to make sure that we help consumers have healthier food choices. We encourage people to exercise and move. We partner with individuals who have inspiring stories to tell. In this way, we are able to continue encouraging other people to prioritize their health and debunk the belief that healthy equals hard—because with Century Tuna, you can be a ‘superbod!’ —CONTRIBUTED

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