Migs Reyes' journey to becoming one of Pru Life UK's most inspiring financial 'maestros'

Migs Reyes’ journey to becoming one of Pru Life UK’s most inspiring financial ‘maestros’

/ 09:00 AM February 24, 2024

Written by: Kenneth M. del Rosario

Juan Miguel “Migs” Reyes’ journey within Pru Life UK is a story of personal growth, dedication to health, and a commitment to making a positive impact. From a part-time financial advisor to a full-fledged agency leader, Reyes continues to inspire the company’s next generation of workforce, eager to secure lives and futures with purpose and passion.

Migs Reyes PRU LIFE UK

Reyes, the dynamic District Manager of Pru Life UK’s ACE unit, epitomizes the brand’s dedication to health, wellness, and financial prosperity, emphasizing the parallel between maintaining fitness and achieving financial goals with discipline, consistency, and positive influence.

As a District Manager (DM) of Pru Life UK’s ACE District, Migs embodies the brand’s commitment to health, wellness, and financial prosperity. 

Life before Pru Life UK 

After graduating with a degree in finance from San Beda College in 2010, Migs initially ventured into the corporate world as a QA analyst for a financial company. However, life took a turn when he married in 2013 and started a family. Facing the need for a bigger paycheck, Migs found himself drawn to Pru Life UK, initially motivated by the prospect of increased income.

Migs Reyes PRU LIFE UK

Migs started as a part- time financial advisor, driven by the goal of financial stability. Climbing the ranks from Unit Manager to District Manager in just six years, his journey reflects dedication, perseverance, and perhaps a sprinkling of luck. 

He didn’t embark on his journey as a financial advisor with a background in the field. Facing the initial challenges of rejection and skepticism, he focused on his strength as a person. It turns out that determination runs in his blood big time. 

“I will do whatever it takes to be successful. I’m the type of person who, if I said I wanted to get something, I’d go for it with all I’ve got. It’s all about hard work,” Migs told the Inquirer in an exclusive interview.

This relentless attitude did him well and continues to be a bright example for the 2,500 agents under the ACE District Organization, which he oversees. 

From the start, Migs knew that to be successful, he needed to work hard and make some sacrifices along the way. Unfortunately for Migs, it was countless sleepless nights and time away from his family, especially when he was juggling a full-time corporate job and a part-time phase as a financial advisor. 

“But I remained focused on my goal, which was to provide for my family,” he said. 

After a year of doing financial advising on the side, Migs realized that it was time to make the transition to full-time advising. It was during this time that he was making more from being a life insurance agent. More importantly, he knew there was still huge potential to explore. Everything seemed to have fallen into place. He had gotten his stride. Migs wasted no time and felt confident enough to start his unit.

Advocacy for health, wellness 

Beyond financial expertise, Migs is a fervent advocate for health and wellness. As the brand’s PRUHealth champion and a regular participant in PRURides Philippines, he intertwines his passion for cycling with a commitment to overall well-being. This dedication extends to his team, where he promotes health and wellness along with financial literacy. 

Migs stays as healthy as possible so he can take care of his family and be with them for as long as possible. He’s into health because he doesn’t ever want to spend money to buy medicine if he could help it. 

Migs Reyes PRU LIFE UK

Migs’s stance on educating Filipinos about financial matters permeates his leadership style. By influencing his agency workforce, he strives to empower more individuals through financial literacy, offering tips for those embarking on their financial journey. 

During his early years as a financial advisor, Migs encountered resistance due to closed mindsets about insurance. 

“The challenge then-and even to this day was the mindset that life insurance is the same as pre-need (it is not), and some thought it was a scam (it is not). Many potential clients in their 20s also face limited surplus funds,” he said. 

Fortunately, Pru Life UK’s pioneering investment-linked life insurance products addressed these challenges. The COVID-19 pandemic, though a setback, increased awareness about the importance of insurance, reinforcing the direction of agency building. 

Reflecting on the changing demographics of his team, Migs said that recruitment has evolved from the millennial to the Gen Z era. The average age of agents nowadays is about 28. 

“There is, in fact, a conscious effort on our end to onboard younger individuals for their energy and potential. However, the goal lies in converting part-timers to full-timers as being a financial advisor offers a long-term business opportunity,” he said.

Balancing act, future aspirations 

Success for Migs is not just about financial achievements. He emphasizes the importance of a balanced life, having time for family, and incorporating fitness activities as a way to priotize looking after one’s health. Looking ahead, he envisions a system that allows him to oversee the organization with minimal supervision so he can focus on the macro perspective of the business. 

Migs finds fulfillment in seeing his teammates succeed, highlighting the lasting impact of agency-building. His career, spanning from agent to District Manager, exemplifies that success in this line of work is effort-based and achievable.

Integral to Migs’ success is the support of his family, including his wife Mary, also a Unit Manager at Pru Life UK, and their two children, Quino and Talia. 

“Support from loved ones is crucial in this career. It’s a journey that requires consistency and discipline, and having a support system makes a significant difference,” he said. 

Regarding mentorship, Migs is full of gratitude, thanking the patient mentors for teaching him the ropes. 

“Mentors play a crucial role in shaping your path and should not act as gatekeepers but guides,” he said. This is why he pays it forward and now mentors countless individuals. He acknowledges the generosity of Pru Life UK in recognizing and rewarding achievements, providing travel opportunities, and fostering a purposeful career. 

As Migs looks to the future, he envisions a legacy beyond financial advising. Post-retirement, he plans to build a sports complex, inspired by the positive impact of sports on his own life. “To be fit and healthy comes with a lot of discipline and good habits. Just like keeping fit, saving and investing require discipline and goals. It’s about being consistent and having a positive influence on those around you.”


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