Regaining medical independence at The Medical City’s wellness lounge

Regaining medical independence at The Medical City’s wellness lounge

/ 09:00 AM July 07, 2022

Every patient is unique – they heal in different ways and on different timelines. For some patients, it can be a challenge to transition back to life at home following a serious illness or injury. Even after being discharged from the hospital, they may require more time and additional care before they are ready to go back home. 

Bridging the gap between hospital and home is The Medical City’s newly opened Wellness Lounge – a care facility offering rooms for patients with low nursing care. These include discharged patients transitioning from one level of care to another, and geriatric and ambulant patients needing active and assisted living care. 

Certain patients will be required to have a private duty nurse or caregiver to monitor them for the duration of their stay. Patients who need special medical equipment, such as oxygen tanks and nebulizers, will also need to have a private nurse. 

The Medical City

Ease of access to medical facilities 

The Wellness Lounge provides easy and immediate access to medical services and facilities, allowing patients to undergo outpatient procedures at their convenience. They can visit the hospital’s laboratory, radiology, and rehabilitation departments for regular procedures. 

It also allows patients to consult with their doctors regularly, helping them monitor their patient’s recovery. The Wellness Lounge also connects the patient to The Medical City’s Remote Care Services, which can provide information that can help the patient and their family learn more about the patient’s needs for the next stage of recovery, enabling them to regain a certain level of independence and slowly transition back to living at home.

As a hospital-based care facility, The Wellness Lounge is equipped with medical resuscitation equipment and a Rapid Response Team 24 hours daily. Patients are given immediate access to acute resuscitation services if needed. 

Dr. Christian Flores, director of The Medical City’s Wellness & Aesthetics Institute, further explains how the facility helps patients through the road of recovery. 

“The Wellness Lounge functions as a place of transition between hospital and home, providing a safe place for the patient’s next stage of recovery. It is a cost-effective solution that can help lower the risk for hospital readmission, reduce transfer of care related complications, and improve patient outcomes through comprehensive services such as safe discharge planning, patient and family education, and physician follow-ups.”


First-rate amenities

Each room is equipped with amenities such as a personal mini refrigerator, kettle, cable television, telephone, and hot and cold shower. Patients are also provided with breakfast, lunch, and dinner meals daily; and essential toiletries, including a towelette, dental kit, bath soap, rubbing alcohol, a pair of slippers, and a house robe. The Wellness Lounge also houses a concierge nurse who can assist patients with follow-up consults and other medical appointments

The Medical City

Wellness & Aesthetics Institute developments

The Wellness Lounge is only one of the exciting developments that the Wellness & Aesthetics Institute has in store for this year. As a one-stop-shop offering preventive and comprehensive healthcare services and holistic wellness programs, the Institute is constantly searching for ways to expand its services and capabilities to bring long-term value to patients. 

The Institute recently launched its Lifestyle Medicine Packages which helps patients adopt evidence-based lifestyle therapeutic interventions such as improving diet, increasing physical activity, eliminating smoking, enhancing sleep, and practicing stress-reducing techniques to improve and maintain health as well as prevent lifestyle diseases.

The Medical City continues to support clients throughout their wellness journey with a seamless array of services, enabling them to receive excellent, high-quality care at the right place and at the right time.

Begin your journey to better health at The Wellness Lounge. To book a room, contact the Wellness & Aesthetics Institute at 8988-1000 ext. 6579 and 6386.


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