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Harvest water from the air

No plumbing. No impurities. No kidding.
/ 11:46 PM November 17, 2012

Life used to be simple as drinking water from the tap. But modern day realities compel us to make life-changing habits that are often inconvenient and stressful. We let in strangers to our home to deliver water, lift heavy water bottles, use precious storage space for water containers, and what’s worst is, we take risks by not knowing our water source.

Pollution is contaminating many ground water systems and people are spending a lot of money on bottled water and apparatuses to filter water. Add to these, there are many places in the world that experience severe drought conditions, creating shortage of clean water to drink. Despite these problems at hand, there is an abundance of water around us—in the air we breathe.

AirQua atmospheric water harvesting technology allows its products to extract pure quality water from air. It is the world’s first genuine alternative water source, dependent only upon electricity.  It has come up with a cutting edge solution by transforming the air we breathe into safe, pure water.


AirQua bio-mimic nature’s rain making process and produces liters and liters of best tasting, pure and healthy water, whenever and wherever from your own machine.  It can be placed virtually anywhere and are scalable and easy to implement in a short period of time. Convenient and versatile for your home or office because it eliminates the need for plumbing, just plug it and use anywhere in the room.


Advanced green technology

Nowadays, going green is not an option, our natural resources show us that it won’t  last forever. Finding a green option for a dwindling problem is the driving force behind the concept of AirQua Atmospheric Water Generators. A fact that is unknown to many of us is that the earth’s atmosphere contains more water than its vast oceans. Until now, it was just a mere fantasy to harness this unlimited and renewable natural resource.

In Manila alone only 3/4 of the population receive piped water from municipal authority and outside Manila far fewer of the population have access to clean water distribution. This resulted in the proliferation of  water filling stations, and most of these shops produce 3,000 to 12,000 liters of water per day. Typically the water source from these shops come from the pipes of municipal concessionaires and other shops would be likely supplied by unauthorized and illegal deep well diggings. A proliferation of these private sources could have detrimental effects on groundwater reserves and subject them to contaminants.

By producing water from the moisture in the air, we do not deplete water from natural resources. AirQua Atmospheric Water Generator is zero strain on water infrastructure—with the current situation on our water infrastructure already stretched to the maximum, AirQua units do not further add to the stress. Now a fantasy becomes a reality where limitless, sustainable and portable source of water is now available for everyone.

The time has come to change the way we define our drinking water. By drinking atmospheric water we will enjoy better health benefits at the same time do our part in water and environment conservation. AirQua is the future of water available to us, now.

Water quality


Though many of us benefit from the availability of water shops some of us are not certain about biological contaminants, disinfection by products from the chlorination process, taste and odor. With AirQua atmospheric water harvester you are in total control of the quality of your drinking water and you’re confident knowing you are giving the best water for your family’s health. Because AirQua is equipped with a micro-computer and electronic controls to ensure proper and optimum performance, which results in high quality, good tasting water. Within each unit is a purification stage that ensures drinking water that meets and exceeds WHO standards without any need for tapping into the current water infrastructure.

AirQua works by converting the humidity in the air to water. Air enters through the primary intake vents. AirQua’s revolutionary Vapor Enhancer charges the air particles to enhance vapor saturation level before the air passes through the AirQua’s Micro Anti-bacterial air filter. This effectively prevents micro-particles and dust from entering the appliance. The Water Harvesting Chamber condenses moisture from the air. This is the first stage of the purification process. Pollution from the air will pass through the machine without contaminating the water. The filtered water produced is of international quality standard. This strict purification regimen ensures great tasting water through a multistage filtration process and UV sterilization process before storage.

In the fields.

Imagine an island or remote location where water infrastructure is not available. Now, imagine a machine that is mobile and produces clean safe water on site, solving the basic need of water and critical logistic issues. AirQua wide range of models and sizes provide water logistics advantage.  It can be deployed almost anywhere, as it does not require a water source. The AirQua CS1 (commercial series) is ideal out in the fields, it can be towed by all types of vehicles and powered by generators. Logistic problems like transporting fresh drinking water hundreds of miles away can be avoided. It is mobile, and flexible for rapid response for various applications: Commercial —for resorts and hotels, large constructions, mining sites and other institutions characterized by operations located in remote and often inaccessible locations. Military—various units can be air-lifted or towed by any type of military vehicles to remote military stations. It is a trusted water source without fear of contamination by possible terrorism attack. Humanitarian/ Disaster relief—Provides sanitary water where it never existed before or insufficient water supply without further expanding the water infrastructure. It is also a quick respond to natural disasters when affected residents have lost access to safe drinking water.

The AirQua CS1 can easily provide 150 liters (39 gallons) of pure drinking water per day. Ideal for situations where large amount of potable water is required and the traditional delivery methods are almost impossible or costly. It can provide fresh drinking water straight from its own tap or can be connected to an external storage facility.

For demonstration and product displays please visit the AirQua showroom in B1-00105  Park Avenue, Robinson’s Galleria, Quezon City or e-mail: [email protected] or call 622-0958/ 09178111854

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*Airqua demo units will be displayed at the Honda Cars Pasig showroom. Honda cars customers will be given free Airqua product brief and they will get to taste the water as well.

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