Embracing Diversity: The invaluable contributions of senior citizen and PWD workers at The Bistro Group

In the bustling kitchens and vibrant dining rooms of The Bistro Group’s restaurants, a diverse and dedicated team ensures that every guest experience is exceptional. The company thinks that its strength lies in their diversity, being proud of its workforce which includes senior citizen and persons with disabilities (PWD) employees who are essential to its success.

Among them are 10 senior citizens working as a cashier, baker, cleaning crew and back of the house staff. A PWD employee, Dante Isuga, meanwhile, is currently a busser at MSH Conrad. He started at the bistro commissary before he was transferred to MSH. One of the seniors whom the company hired was 66-year-old Lina Santolaja, who is now working as a baker at Texas Roadhouse Greenbelt.

The Bistro Group is committed to providing a supportive and inclusive work environment for all its employees. It offers training programs and accommodations to ensure that senior citizens and PWD workers can perform their roles effectively and thrive in their careers.

To celebrate diversity and inclusion, The Bistro Group invites everyone to join them in recognizing and appreciating the invaluable contributions of senior citizens and PWD workers. Their presence not only enhances Bistro’s team but also enriches their lives, making the company a better place.


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