A semblance of Eden

A semblance of Eden

A semblance of Eden

Even in modern times, nature is one of the most beautiful things that you can live next to.

If Adam and Eve were not kicked out of the Garden of Eden, can you imagine what your life would have been like?

Perhaps you’d be eating fruits right from trees, or practicing meditation techniques all day. Maybe you’d have enjoyed hearing the trickle of a flowing river right by your home, or appreciate wildlife passing right by your window.


While these scenarios rarely come true in reality, there are still some areas in the world where you can experience a semblance of the Garden of Eden. While these are few and far between, these places offer numerous benefits that will surely improve your well-being in the long run.


Today, let us explore the benefits of living in places that put your wellness at the forefront. While we may no longer dwell in God’s paradise, there are still some heavenly places here on Earth that can allow us to live our best lives yet.

A semblance of Eden

Eating fresh fruit and breathing fresh air can do wonders for the soul.

Rich oxygen

Fresh air, lush gardens, tranquil environment: There’s a reason why we feel good around these elements. Clean, breathable air allows us to nourish our bodies with rich oxygen, while the lack of noise pollution does wonders to our ears. Places that offer parks, natural ventilation, and natural sunlight provide us the avenues to strengthen our immunity and our muscles.

When you choose to live in a place that values your health, you are actually prolonging your life. While many factors can affect your lifespan, being exposed to an environment of wellness surely helps. More often than not, these places limit your exposure and risk to diseases. Coupled with personal care and the diligent pursuit of exercise and good eating, you have a good shot of living many years ahead pain-free and sickness-free.

A semblance of Eden

A healthy enviroment is also beneficial to our mental well-being.

Calm surroundings

Beyond our physical development, a healthy environment also improves our mental well-being. Calm surroundings help reduce stress, increase productivity, and improve sleep. These also help sharpen our minds, allowing us to maximize our potential at work or in school.

Science has already established that people suffering from psychological disorders greatly benefit from sanctuary-like environments. Whether you have special needs or not, you’ll surely relax and recharge easily in a place where birds chirp and traffic is rare.

A semblance of Eden

Living in a sanctuary of wellness can improve your life in many ways.

Sustainable environment

Beyond human beings, other living beings will benefit from sustainably-designed environments. Places where animals can roam and trees can spread not only becomes a habitat to us. They also allow Mother Nature’s other children to multiply and live harmoniously with each other.


A community that boasts a wide variety of trees and plants offers residents a chance to reconnect with nature. Fruit trees provide refreshing snacks during afternoon walks, while tall vegetation offers security from the sun and other elements. If you choose to live in an area with a variety of flora and fauna, it’s basically guaranteed that you’ll never have a dull moment at home.

A semblance of Eden

Lush sanctuary

Waking up to well-designed, lush sanctuaries will certainly uplift your spirits and set your mood for the day. Even man-made structures that provide you avenues to pursue wellness can give you an immediate moral boost any time. Spa, fitness centers, swimming pools, and other wellness centers can help you feel better toward yourself and others. In addition, these areas also give you a chance to interact with others and meet new friends. By belonging to such a community, you’ll have more reason to smile and be thankful each day.

Overall, sustainable and green communities are the ideal places to live in for anyone. Striving to be modern versions of the Garden of Eden, these places will surely make your life less stressful and more enjoyable in the long run. Moreover, by moving your family to such communities, you can rest assured that they’ll have all the elements they need to grow and become strong and sharp people in the future.

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