Brittany Hotel Villar City: Where the unexpected comes to life

Where the unexpected comes to life

/ 10:30 AM March 11, 2024

Written by: Amy R. Remo

It reimagines the warmth and luxurious comfort of feeling “at home” away from home.

Brittany Hotel Villar City, the newest undertaking from the Villar Group, promises a distinct experience that is anything but conventional. Here, the familiar meets the unexpected as every corner is adorned with tasteful furnishings, soothing hues, and sophisticated design elements—all creating an ambiance that is elegant and indulgent, yet warm and cozy at the same time. In this sanctuary of luxury and hospitality, guests are invited to redefine their understanding of what it means to belong, to connect, and to feel truly at home wherever their travels may take them.

Warm welcome

Situated within the 3,500-hectare Villar City, this upscale boutique hotel has made it its goal to craft experiences akin to stepping into the warm welcome of a luxurious home. To do so, it ensured that its design ethos—a fusion of contemporary luxury and timeless charm—would resonate with guests on a deeply personal level. Think old-world feel in a modern setting.

Stepping inside the main lobby will feel like entering your own foyer. This is a deliberate effort for the Villar Group as it intended to offer a hotel that looks and feels like an upscale home. After all, the Villar Group is the country’s largest homebuilder, with decades of experience and expertise in creating luxurious dream homes and beautiful communities for the affluent few.

Understated elegance

It will no doubt be a feast for your senses as you walk through the main door.

For one, you won’t see the usual reception table as you will be ushered to the “bar” or lounge area where you can just relax and have your welcome drink as you await your check-in.

Instead, you’ll be greeted by a symphony of textures and hues. Italian tiles, solid wood, and natural stone interplay seamlessly, evoking a sense of warmth and grandeur. Custom-made furnishings, including sofas and lounge chairs, blend effortlessly with vintage and contemporary pieces sourced from esteemed designers like Jo Liza and Kenneth Cobonpue—creating an ambiance of understated elegance.

Brittany Hotel Villar City Interior

Italian tiles, solid wood, and natural stone interplay seamlessly, evoking a sense of warmth and grandeur.

Noteworthy is the meticulous attention to detail, with accents such as bone inlay stools and Prizmic and Brill chests draped in luxurious stingray leather, adding a touch of refinement to the space.

Prizmic and Brill chests draped in luxurious stingray leather add a touch of refinement to the space.

Even the lighting fixtures are iconic and stunning, the most notable of which is the one at the ceiling of the main lobby—the Flos Coordinates, a luminous structure inspired by the Cartesian grid, and designed by Michael Anastassiades. Elsewhere in the hotel, you’ll also find drop lights and wall lamps by Flos, creating a beautiful interplay of straight and curved lines.

Brittany Hotel Villar City lighting fixtures

Even the lighting fixtures are iconic and stunning.

Bringing the outdoors in

Since Brittany Hotel Villar City is located within Villar City, in-house designers made sure to also draw inspiration from the lush landscapes and natural beauty that define this emerging megalopolis, which spans 15 cities and towns across Metro Manila and Cavite.

Towering planters brimming with Black Ironwood and Peruvian Ferns adorn the lobby, while a serene zen garden beckons guests to unwind amid the urban bustle. The infusion of earthy tones like rust, terracotta, olive, and sage further enhances that much-sought connection with nature, enabling Brittany Hotel Villar City to bring a semblance of the outdoors in.

A serene zen garden beckons guests to unwind amid the urban bustle.

In doing this, Brittany Hotel Villar City is able to create a warmer, more relaxing environment, as opposed to one that is stiff and intimidating.

Even the music has been curated to match the elegance of this boutique hotel while reflecting the impeccable taste of its founder, tycoon Manny Villar.

Luxurious facilities

Brittany Hotel’s design philosophy is aptly reflected in the luxuriousness of its rooms, facilities, and amenities.

Brittany Hotel Villar City suites

Spacious suites offer signature touches of luxury.

On the second floor, guests are greeted by a reimagined space reminiscent of a New York loft meets art gallery. The corridor is bedecked with bronze mirrors and Persian rugs while Prizmic and Brill bookshelves line the walls.

You’ll find here three function rooms that do away with the typical setup–rich warm tones and plush furnishings, creating an atmosphere of refined comfort and sophistication. These function rooms are versatile and adaptable to various events, be it corporate meetings or intimate gatherings. There’s a high-ceiling, soundproof ballroom that can cater up to 250 guests, as well as a swimming pool just right outside the ground floor bar.

Currently, there are five room categories, with the Villa being the biggest at close to 200 sqm in size. Rooms will have signature touches like Acca Kappa fragrances, a Dyson hairdryer, and speakers for guest use. In the works meanwhile are eight food outlets, offering a vast array of cuisines and delectable dishes that can very well cater to discerning palates.

Clearly, Brittany Hotel Villar City isn’t just setting a new standard for hospitality. It instead invites you to create cherished memories in your home away from home.


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