A distinct visual treat at W/17

Tonypet Albano, Jia Estrella, Agile Zamora, Conrad Onglao, Carol Garcia

Tonypet Albano, Jia Estrella, Agile Zamora, Conrad Onglao, Carol Garcia

W/17 is a conscience-driven business committed to artisans, cultures, and the bounty of natural resources found throughout the world.

Founded by Andy Vazquez Prada and Kaye Tinga, W/17 takes serious responsibility to the environment, age old crafts and allied communities. W/17 is a home store, and no home is truly complete as when there is art not just to adorn the walls or tables, but to reflect the vision of the homeowner.

Since it started, W/17 has only featured a handful of artists in the store, as it believes that each artist being showcased should reflect the ethos of W/17. Jana Benitez, Tata Montilla, and Patrick Coard are just a few of those they have worked with, and now, Ponce Veridiano.

AA Patawaran, Susan Joven, Ching Cruz, Tina Cuevas, Fe Rodriguez, Ana de Ocampo

Ponce, the highly sought landscapist, has expanded his creative horizons by venturing into the realm of visual arts. And like the landscapes he is best known for, his paintings are distinct, powerful and unforgettable. His long experience working in nature can be clearly seen in the paintings he has created.

Celebrating this artistic evolution, Ponce hosted his inaugural exhibit at W/17 last Feb. 20. Displaying a diverse collection that seamlessly translates his talent for capturing the essence of landscapes into visually compelling artworks, Ponce’s debut exhibit is testament to his versatility and artistic prowess. The collaboration with W/17 continues the store’s legacy of supporting local artists and artisans, a seamless blend of artistic expression and aesthetic appeal.

The exhibit will be ongoing until March 22. And because art is visceral, it will be a complete show as the works will be set against the landscape that he is best known for.

Bernie Aboitiz, Cecille Wieneke, Ponce, Erica Concepcion, Jia Estrella

Nicole Ortega, Philip Cuunjieng, Sharyn Wong

SP Sumulong, Caloy Sario, Milton Ngu, Freddie Tinga