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Invest in year-long summers by the Sea at Aboitiz Land’s Seafront Villas

/ 04:17 PM November 29, 2023

Invest in serenity and sun-soaked days this holiday season with Seafront Villas. 

Nestled along the picturesque San Juan, Batangas coastline, this haven offers not just a home but a timeless escape to the beauty of year-long summers. 

 Seafront Villas San Juan Batangas summer

On November 12, 2023, Seafront Villas unveiled their 2-bedroom garden villa model unit to leisure property seekers. In the photo (from left to right): Aboitiz Land Project Development Management Group Manager Naomi Sun, Seafront Residences Sales Director Ferdinand Nieto, and Aboitiz Land Marketing and Branding Officer Loreal Valdez.

The unveiling of the new two-bedroom Garden Villa Model Unit marks a splendid beginning to a rewarding and relaxing life by the sea. Join us as we step into a world where every day feels like a much-deserved vacation, and discover the allure of Seafront Villas – your gateway to endless summer bliss.

Experience the great tourism comeback

Tourism in San Juan, Batangas, experienced significant growth, with total visitors reaching nearly 1.5 million in 2022, more than twice the pre-pandemic numbers. As of September 2023, the total has risen to 1.7 million, and projections indicate a potential surpassing of 2 million tourists by the year’s end. This notable increase indicates a strong recovery for the local tourism sector, influenced by the area’s natural and cultural attractions and robust economic activities.

In the heart of the Philippines’ thriving tourism industry, where the allure of natural wonders and warm hospitality meet, real estate emerges as a golden opportunity. San Juan, Batangas, stands as the primary entry point to the Laiya corridor, particularly for those traveling from Manila. It holds the distinction of being one of the nearest beach destinations to Manila, making it an ideal getaway. Aboitiz Land’s beach condominium development in this serene locale represents an exceptional investment opportunity.

This new development promises an investment in a seaside community that encapsulates the essence of perfect summers all year round. Seafront Residences, with its proximity to Manila, is the prime choice for those seeking a tranquil escape without sacrificing accessibility. 

Seafront Villas is a series of low-rise condominiums offering a tranquil vista of Tayabas Bay and the enchanting slopes of mystical Mount Banahaw. This idyllic setting becomes the ideal retreat for vacationers seeking a place near the sea while still enjoying the comforts of a private and homely atmosphere.

At Seafront Residences, the value of residential lots has increased to 381% since the project was launched. With the steady rise of interest in beach communities and in local tourism, Seafront Villas is now on its 9th building and soon, leasing and management services will be accessible for property owners opting to rent out their properties. Seafront Villas stands as a lucrative investment for Filipinos abroad, offering a dual appeal as an excellent rental opportunity and an idyllic beachfront summer home. As a prime destination, Seafront Villas promise not only potential rental income but also a picturesque retreat for personal use during your visits.

Your perfect summer home awaits

 Seafront Villas San Juan Batangas summer

Seafront Villas is a collection of low-rise condominiums in the multi- award-winning community of Seafront Residences developed by Aboitiz Land, the real estate arm of the Aboitiz Group.

Seafront Villas is a collection of low-rise condominiums in the multi-award-winning community of Seafront Residences developed by Aboitiz Land, the real estate arm of the Aboitiz Group. 

Waking up to the serene ambiance of a seaside community is an unparalleled experience. In the embrace of Seafront Villas, the one-bedroom units beckon with the promise of intimate coastal living. Picture your mornings unfolding on a private balcony, where the natural sea breeze accompanies each sip of your morning coffee. This one-bedroom haven is more than a residence; it’s a daily retreat into the soothing rhythm of beachside living.

 Seafront Villas San Juan Batangas summer

At Seafront Villas, investors have the option to choose in a one-bedroom unit with balcony or a two-bedroom garden unit located just a short walk away from the beach.

At Seafront Villas, investors have the option to choose a one-bedroom unit with a balcony or a two-bedroom garden unit located just a short walk away from the beach.

For those craving a bit more space and a touch of garden serenity, the two-bedroom garden units present an idyllic escape just a stroll from the beach. As you step inside, picture the seamless blend of modern comfort and natural elegance. The living spaces extend to a private garden, creating a seamless indoor-outdoor flow that invites the outdoors in. Imagine lazy afternoons basking in the sunlight, surrounded by lush greenery, or hosting al fresco gatherings with the sound of waves as your background music. These two-bedroom retreats offer an immersive experience—a daily celebration of the sun, sand, and sea right at your doorstep.

Whether you choose the intimate charm of a one-bedroom unit with a balcony or the spacious allure of a two-bedroom garden unit, Seafront Villas transforms the concept of home into a coastal haven where every moment is infused with the magic of beachfront living.

Highly amenitized, master-planned community

Aboitiz Land collaborated with DPZ CoDesign, renowned for beach communities in Florida, to bring to life the vision of a vibrant seaside community at Seafront Residences. Spanning 43 hectares, this beach community offers diverse residential options, including house and lots, residential lots, beach condominiums, fostering a dynamic coastal living experience.

Picture yourself basking in perpetual summer vibes at the beachfront clubhouse with its iconic parola.

Seafront Residences offers three pools across its amenities. The Beachfront clubhouse features a pool with a jacuzzi and a children’s pool. There will also be a Seafront Crest Clubhouse with a swimming pool and a wading pool at Water Plaza for younger residents and guests. These selections ensure a diverse and enjoyable aquatic experience for residents of all ages at Seafront. The meticulously designed clubhouse stands as a communal hub, fostering connections and providing a venue for residents to unwind in style, creating a social fabric woven with warmth and camaraderie.

Stroll through the lush diamond parks that cradle Seafront Residences, inviting residents to embrace nature and experience the soothing touch of the outdoors. Here, amidst the greenery, you can engage in meandering walks to and from the beach. The Seafront Town Center adds an extra layer of convenience and luxury, offering a vibrant array of shops, dining options, and entertainment venues, ensuring that every day is an opportunity for relaxation and enjoyment.

What truly sets Seafront Residences apart is its coveted beachfront access—an exclusive feature not offered by all developments in the area. Imagine having the beach at your doorstep, where the rhythmic waves become a part of your daily soundtrack and leisurely walks along the shore are a routine indulgence. This unparalleled privilege transforms Seafront Residences into a coastal haven, where the allure of beachfront living meets the convenience of modern amenities, creating a lifestyle that transcends the ordinary and invites you to savor the endless summer.

Given these outstanding amenities, unique design, and excellent land value appreciation, Seafront Residences has garnered prestigious accolades from PropertyGuru, winning Best Waterfront Housing Development and Best Housing Development in the Philippines. 

For a limited holiday offer, you can own a Seafront Villas beach condominium at only Php 21,800 per month. Seize the opportunity to make a bold investment in a lifestyle that reflects your achievements. With Seafront Villas, revel in top-notch amenities, and enjoy the prestige of owning a beach property. To know more about Seafront Villas, you can visit [website link]. 

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