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Multiple jobs of Filipino Gen Zs

/ 02:01 AM November 07, 2023

With the prices of goods and services getting more expensive these days, most Filipino Gen Zs (or those born between 1997 and 2012) have engaged in part-time jobs to augment their income.

That, in brief, was the result, among others, of the survey that market research company Agile Data Solutions Inc. recently conducted on Filipino respondents between the ages of 18 and 25.

It’s an age bracket that demographic experts consider as a period of high productivity because of the youth and disposition for hard work by the people in that group. For economists, that’s a “sweet spot” that, when properly utilized, would ensure a country’s progress. According to the survey, Gen Z members regard that work scheme as an effective way to achieve financial stability in their younger years.


Their familiarity with digital technology, which is the operating norm in most businesses today, enables them to easily take on computer-based work assignments.


What’s more, they can do them from the comfort of their home, which translates to substantial savings on the costs of office commute and meals.

Left unsaid in the survey results is the fact that Gen Zs need to have second or third jobs not only for financial reasons, but also to enable them “to keep up with Joneses,” or be like the people they look up to or whose ways they want to emulate.


Note that this generation grew up at a time when the internet had already evolved as an integral or indispensable part of commercial operations, including interaction among peoples in different economic and social levels.

At a flick of a finger, messages, advertisements and other written forms of communications can be sent to anybody in any place in the world that has internet connectivity.

Through Facebook, WhatsApp and other social media platforms, Gen Z members are able to read about the purchases of famous brands, elegant dining experiences, exotic travels and to-die-for social events of their work colleagues, friends and acquaintances.

Avoiding or refraining from looking at those posts would be akin to being detached from their social environment, which is a big no-no for them.

As if by force of habit, the first thing they usually do when they wake up in the morning is check their gizmos for messages and social media posts.

Then they are bombarded 24/7 with slick website advertisements and promotional materials that subtly imply that they cannot consider themselves as successful or accomplished unless they have the same things or had enjoyed the experiences posted on social media accounts.

The result? A feeling of psychological insecurity or inadequacy is engendered which can only be assuaged by earning as much money as possible within the shortest time available to be able to claim parity (or at least close to it) with social media posts they monitor or make an effort to replicate.

If they are able to do so, the emotional satisfaction would be beyond description.

On the short term, perhaps for two or three years, part-time jobs may provide economic relief, but the trade-offs for that benefit are longer working hours, physical exhaustion and, worse, mental stress.

Besides, the sustainability of those activities is not guaranteed. If they are seasonal in nature or heavily dependent on trends in their target market, they could cease without prior notice. And since their work is usually contractual in character or only for a specific project, they will not be entitled to the benefits that ordinarily accrue to full-time or regular employment.

Sooner or later, when the “zoomers” settle down or have to send their children to school, they would be under pressure to look for employment that would assure them of a steady income, medical benefits, leave privileges and retirement pay.

Bottom line, Gen Zs should enjoy their financial comfort while they last, but should not forget to plan for the future because the good times have limits. INQ

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