Carlo Paita: Time is now to change people’s lives via strategic business program

Carlo Paita: Time is now to change people’s lives via strategic business program

/ 05:03 PM October 24, 2023

The recent pandemic has never stopped businessman Carlo Paita from creating his own goldmine. Together with his wife Acee, a marketing professional, the 38-year-old IT expert and entrepreneur established Juju Glow in 2021. In less than two years, the venture has exponentially grown to become a multi-million skincare powerhouse, thanks to the big boost from social network marketing and an effective distributorship program.

Carlo Paita, COO of Juju Glow took a leap from being an IT expert to becoming a multi-million skincare powerhouse together with his wife Acee Paita, CEO of Juju Glow.

“We knew Juju Glow would be big, but we were surprised at how fast it happened,” Paita said. In a short span of time, the business has overwhelmingly taken social media by storm, undoubtedly making it an instant entrepreneurship sensation. Juju Glow is now all over the emerging online marketplaces Shopee and TikTok Shop, providing stable income to thousands of partner-distributors nationwide. 

Juju Glow is a homegrown brand—conceptualized, formulated, and manufactured locally. The strategic branding is the main formula for its success. “My wife and I thought of getting into the Korean craze, thus the name ‘juju,’ a catchy word bringing a positive and energetic vibe. Experiences from our past employments and businesses also helped,” Paita revealed.

The making of a successful brand

The couple’s experience in marketing and packaging sealed the brand success. Complementing the Korean-sounding name is the colorful and creative packaging, giving the products the enigmatic appeal—a factor that easily impresses the resellers, distributors, and consumers. 

Carlo Paita, as the COO, alongside his spouse Acee Paita, has solidified the brand’s triumph by leveraging their extensive expertise in marketing and packaging.

Juju Glow’s impressive returns come from two product categories, the collagen drinks and the skin whitening products for intimate body parts. The winning product formulas are amplified when promoted and marketed by resellers in Shopee and TikTok. In no time, the business started facing what could be considered a very good problem—for some time, the demand was overwhelming for the supply to match.  

carlo paita

And while Juju Glow is overcoming challenges and is steadily growing, it is also bringing fulfillment to its partner-distributors. Aside from the hefty commissions, generous incentives are provided to further motivate them. In 2022, the business gave away two brand new cars on top of expensive gadgets and cash bonuses to top sales performers. This year, the rewards pot is bigger—12 brand new cars and cash bonuses. How about that for a two-year-old company?

The incentive strategy propels distributors to get more creative and resourceful so they can sell more. According to Paita, some of their top performers could now sell up to 3,000 units per day. 

Right timing and strategy

“Juju Glow has temporarily ceased signing up new distributors to help protect the income potential of our current partners. We want them to earn as much as they possibly could and to help instead of compete with each other. This is our way of giving it to them. We will only open distributorship to new partners when we launch a new line of products soon,” he disclosed. 

carlo paita

The Time is Now for COO Carlo Paita and his wife Acee Paita to keep opening doors for partner-distributors and delivering products that satisfy consumers.

No wonder, Juju Glow is among the most admired emerging local brands today. Paita also attributed this success to right timing, as apparently, the power couple struck at the perfect time with the ideal products and the best business model for the business. 

“The time is now for Juju Glow to continue opening doors of opportunities to our partner-distributors and providing great products that continue to satisfy consumers. Don’t expect the brand to hit the brick-and-mortar shelves; it will continue to reign supreme online and exclusively through our partners,” Paita concluded. 

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