Behind innovation: The people that drive Aboitiz Land's transformation

Behind innovation: The people that drive Aboitiz Land’s transformation

/ 04:36 PM August 23, 2023

At the heart of Aboitiz Land, it is not just technology or data that fuels innovation, it is people with an unwavering passion that sets the stage for innovative achievements benefitting many.

The company knows that while cutting-edge technology and efficient processes are crucial, the human element is the catalyst that transforms the mundane into remarkable progress.


Building a culture of innovation

The stories of Aboitiz Land’s people – innovators imbibing the company’s DNA of creativity, curiosity, diversity, and grit – are as varied as the projects they undertake. Still, they all share a common desire to create spaces that aim to improve the future community’s quality of life. Whether it’s reimagining the application of open spaces in mid-market developments, envisioning sustainable communities, or creating better solutions for accessible home ownership and avoid construction delays, Aboitiz Land’s team members harness the power of technology, data science, and AI to ensure a seamless, hassle-free and enjoyable buying experience for Filipinos.

“In line with the Aboitiz group’s aspiration to become a techglomerate, we, at Aboitiz Land, have been harnessing the power of data science and artificial intelligence. These come into play in the process of getting to know our customers. We can craft personalized and humanized campaigns to nurture their interest until they are ready to buy an Aboitiz Land property,” said Mags Tibayan, Aboitiz Land’s Marketing and Branding Strategist.

“We believe in incorporating smart and sustainable features in our products and integrating building technologies to minimize our use of natural resources and encourage smarter ways to live. This way, our vision is aligned with Aboitiz Land’s commitment to advancing both business and communities. We strive to create a brighter and more sustainable future for all,” explained Arvin Serrano, Design Management lead. The Design Management and Planning team oversees and envisions developments, focusing on integrating building technologies and minimizing environmental impact to ensure a sustainable approach to product delivery.

Aboitiz Land’s culture of innovation is not confined to product development; it overflows into operational practices as well. Leveraging advanced tools like cloud-based software and generative AI, they maintain a forward-thinking and dynamic working environment. 

Elevating the customer journey

Throughout the customer journey with Aboitiz Land, every stage is carefully crafted to ensure a seamless and convenient experience, starting from pre-purchase and extending well into the actual property experience. This is made possible by OneVecino, an ecosystem of services that combines the power of our existing digital platforms, all harmoniously intertwined to offer an unparalleled user experience.          

“The Vecino App offers contactless, paperless, end-to-end buying process wherein reservation and booking sales are all done online. One of the common pain points include the collection of physical documents. This expedites the collection of documents by uploading them through the app instead of submitting physical copies, making the home buying experience convenient for our vecinos,” said Antonette Artista, Sales Training Officer.  

During the construction phase, the Vecino App continues to play a pivotal role. It enables property owners to effortlessly monitor the status of their properties and receive timely updates on the upcoming steps. This newfound transparency and communication foster a sense of involvement and control, reassuring vecinos as they witness their investments come to life.

Aboitiz Land’s commitment to delivering excellent after-sales service comes into play in the continuous improvements delivered through Vecino Support. These include omnichannel support through email, customer service hotline, Vecino Support Hub, Facebook Messenger, SMS and Abby the chatbot. These developments ensure that vecinos can reach out for assistance through their preferred channels. This approach not only improves the accessibility of customer service but also showcases Aboitiz Land’s dedication to meeting customer needs wherever they are. 

During turnover activities, the Customer Service Team goes the extra mile. “Our innovations spring from the belief that turnover customer experience is the new marketing battlefront which is why our commitment to vecinos go beyond the turnover activity. We give them ample time to inspect their property, ensuring the delivery of units that meet the standards that have been set,” explained Shaira Mae Gania, Technical Officer, Customer Service Team. “ At Aboitiz Land, we prioritize vecino satisfaction every step of the way.”

Aboitiz Land recognizes the significance of providing an exceptional community experience once property owners move into their homes, and the Vecino Properties platform plays a central role in this endeavor. This platform empowers property owners with various functionalities that facilitate smooth and informed ownership, from tracking property and community-related updates to accessing important documents and managing appointments.

Aboitiz Land customer journey transcends the traditional boundaries of real estate, offering a comprehensive and integrated experience that spans pre-purchase to community living. By combining innovative technologies and a customer-centric approach, Aboitiz Land ensures that every step of the journey is guided by convenience, transparency, and a commitment to elevating the overall property ownership experience.

Efficiency in action 

Integrity is at the core of Aboitiz Land’s values, ingrained in every facet of their operations. Whether it’s the transparent financial analysis offered by the Financial Planning and Analysis Team or the diligent work of the IT function team, integrity serves as the guiding principle that underpins their unwavering commitment to excellence.

In the financial realm, integrity is the bedrock of the Financial Planning and Analysis Team. Leveraging cutting-edge software tools like AnaPlan, they automate financial reports, providing data with transparency and accuracy to support management decisions. 

“We uphold transparency above all. We’ve automated financial reports, providing transparent and reliable data for strategic decision-making. We can generate auto-receipts for vecinos, giving them frequent updates on their payment status, ” described Coleen Rivera, Finance Operations Expert, Finance Operations. 

The IT team at Aboitiz Land plays a pivotal role in bolstering the digital solutions the company offers. Beyond managing and monitoring IT operations, systems, and infrastructure resources, they are the cornerstone of the company’s technological advancement. They ensure that the data security and privacy of both employees and homeowners remain uncompromised, underpinning the trust and reliability that Aboitiz Land strives to deliver through its digital initiatives.

Aboitiz Land thrives on innovation, with every team operating as a catalyst of progress. From groundbreaking property development endeavors to the intricacies of IT management, a unified dedication drives each individual towards a common objective: to enhance customers’ well-being through steady, consistent improvements applied on products and services. This concerted effort echoes in the innovative solutions that Aboitiz Land pioneers, setting new benchmarks and reshaping industry landscapes. As each team member contributes their unique talents to the innovation journey, Aboitiz Land’s future becomes a canvas for brighter possibilities, ready to innovate to lead Filipinos home.


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