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Penbrothers: the secret behind high-growth companies’ successful scaling amidst the pandemic

/ 08:00 AM July 14, 2023

Hiatus is described as a pause, an interruption in time and continuity, or simply a gap. And that’s exactly what happened to most companies and industries across the globe during the past two years or so brought about by the pandemic. Some took it as a time to slow down and just endure their losses until it was time to get back on their feet, but for others, when it got terrifying, they leaped – and turned to remote staffing to keep their businesses running.

Penbrothers, one of the leading remote HR partners in the Philippines, saw this as an opportunity to bridge the gap between companies that wish to optimize their growth and talents that are looking for global opportunities where they can practice work-life balance. Through Penbrothers’ ingenuity in offering bespoke solutions, clients are ensured that they will only get the talents whose skillsets and visions are aligned with theirs. Talents, on the other hand, are met with equitable career opportunities. 

At the heart of Penbrothers’ success lies their unwavering focus on their people (Employee Obsession, as they call it). This has been their greatest asset since its establishment in 2014. The management remains committed to providing their talents with competitive workspaces that match their skills and aspirations. This people-centric approach has proven highly effective in the realm of human resources.

Penbrothers provides diverse opportunities, supportive environments, and resources that empower Filipino talent to develop their skills and advance professionally, allowing them to find the perfect career path to achieve their aspirations and make an impact

Penbrothers’ remarkable achievements speak for themselves, with an astounding 482% Absolute Growth Rate from 2018 to 2021. This exceptional performance has earned them recognition as a Philippine Growth Champion by Statista, securing 4th place in 2023 and 1st in the Professional Services Industry. As a trusted provider of reliable business data, Statista’s recognition reinforces Penbrothers’ position as a top-performing organization.

Despite the challenges brought about by the pandemic, Penbrothers continued to operate with a well-developed system in place. By seizing the opportunity to provide remote work on a global scale, they weathered the storm and ensured ongoing opportunities for Filipino professionals. Guided by their CEO and co-founder Nicolas Bivero, as well as co-founder Guilherme Faria, Penbrothers places the happiness of their clients and employees at the core of their operations, achieving remarkable efficiency and productivity.

Founded in 2014 by co-founders Nicolas Bivero and Gui Faria, Penbrothers started with a vision to create high-value careers for exceptional talent in underrated and untapped locations.

Throughout the years, Penbrothers has created employment for more than 1,400 Filipinos, opening doors for professionals across the country. Their impact extends beyond individual talent placement, as they have played a vital role in expanding the reach of companies like Carousell, Gamesys, and Hopper. Through their recruitment, HR, payroll management, and office space solutions, Penbrothers facilitated growth and optimization for these organizations, all while providing bespoke office setups tailored to their needs.

Humanizing Growth

As Penbrothers looks to the future, the company is intent on “Humanizing Growth” – a brand purpose that seeks to harmoniously blend business success with the well-being and development of its people. Penbrothers is deeply committed to cultivating a people-centric progress model, ensuring sustainable success for not only the businesses it serves but also its employees and the wider community. By reshaping the conventional notion of growth, Penbrothers strives to foster an environment where humanity and progress coexist in perfect harmony.

“Our mission is to empower businesses to unlock their growth potential while fostering a global ecosystem of sustainable growth, where businesses and careers thrive in harmony with society, promoting long-term success that benefits all stakeholders,” says Faria.

“We want to redefine the concept of growth by putting people at the heart and core of our endeavors. We want Penbrothers to be the place where growth meets humanity,” Bivero adds.

While embracing technology for seamless and efficient processes, Penbrothers remains steadfast in their belief that technology can never replace human interaction, empathy, and understanding. Their in-house technology platform, the HUB, leverages AI, business intelligence, and cloud-based microservice architecture to streamline employee screening, onboarding, payroll management, and community engagement. Rather than replacing their human-focused approach, these technological advancements serve to augment their efforts.

 Filipino professionals can rely on Penbrothers for global career growth, skills development opportunities, and a positive work-life balance outlook. With competitive pay and a focus on their employees’ future, Penbrothers strives to create over 5,000 more job opportunities for Filipinos by 2026.

Penbrothers assists global businesses in finding the right talent, saving them valuable time and resources so they can focus on their core operations.

In a world where uncertainties prevail, Penbrothers stands tall as a beacon of remote HR excellence, championing growth, and putting people at the center of their mission.

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