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The joys of in-store shopping

In-store shopping can be an exhilarating and memorable experience.

Have you ever tried to purchase perfume online?

Unless it’s a product that you frequently use, chances are, you’ve found difficulty in choosing the ultimate scent for you. After all, you can’t really imagine smell over a computer screen or a mobile phone. While it has its conveniences, there’s really a limit to what online shopping can deliver.


Truth be told, sometimes it’s easier to just head to an actual store to do some shopping. Smelling a product, fitting on clothes, being waited on by a salesperson—nothing beats personalized service.


Perhaps this is why in this modern age of e-commerce, brick and mortar shops manage to survive. In fact, many of them continue to flourish, with people taking the time and effort to relish the retail experience. If you’re the type of person who’s still hesitating to venture back into physical stores, read on to be reminded of the priceless joys of in-store shopping.

The thrill of buying

Whether it’s perfume, clothes or even school supplies you’re looking for, there’s always a plethora of shops that abound in your nearest mall.


Even the most trivial of purchases can feel exciting when you get to see and touch products right before buying. Once you’ve made up your mind to invest in the product, you are assured of getting exactly what you paid for. It’s a great and simple way of avoiding scams or bogus buys.

Besides the product itself, visiting a shop can also be an exhilarating experience. Retail stores today are often designed to catch your eye and encourage you to stay. This is why many shops offer unique features such as Instagram booths, makeup trial areas, and even free events related to their products. Many also offer personalized services such as text alerts on new products or sudden sales, allowing you to be up-to-date on offerings.

Make-up trial areas and other gimmicks provide a sense of enjoyment in brick-and-mortar shops.

Instant delivery

Online shopping often appears cheaper than their in-store counterparts. When you factor in the delivery fees, however, sometimes you end up paying more. Depending on where you live, you also have to factor in waiting periods before you actually get to lay your eyes on the actual product. This can be a nuisance if you’re shopping on short notice, especially during the Christmas season.

With brick-and-mortar stores, there’s no hassle in waiting for your purchase. As soon as you pay for your chosen products, you can take them home immediately. There’s no risk of losing your shipment or waiting too long on a delivery. In fact, you even have the option of having your purchased items gift-wrapped in some shops, allowing you to save more time and effort. It’s truly a convenient experience.

Hassle-free transactions

Another great thing about buying in-store is that you know where to go in case of returns or refunds. While e-commerce sites do offer these options, sometimes the process can be so confusing or stressful that you just give up on your request. If you’ve made your purchase in-store, you can simply talk to a sales personnel and explain your situation.

Provided that your request is reasonable, your refund, replacement or return can be processed within a matter of minutes. This is extremely convenient especially if you’ve made an error estimating outfit and shoe sizes.

Nothing beats the joy of being able to smell, feel and touch your desired products before buying.

Relaxing vibes

Above all, in-store shopping makes for a relaxing and enjoyable experience. As we Filipinos are known for populating the malls on our off-days, retail shops only contribute to the joy of romantic dates, barkada get-togethers or family encounters. The mall, with its variety of stores, restaurants and service providers, is pretty much incorporated in our culture. Perhaps this is the reason why physical shops will continue to have a place in our hearts even in modern times.

So whether you want to buy, dine, or just enjoy a service, do head out and enjoy the thrill of actual stores. While online shopping has certainly made a mark on our fast-paced world, brick-and-mortar shops are also here to stay. Nothing beats actual experience when it comes to the thrill of shopping. While you may lose an hour or two visiting a shop, it’s surely time well-spent considering the memories and thrills you get in return.


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