Logistics firm builds ‘green’ fleet

Local logistics startup Mober is keen on growing its electric vehicle (EV) fleet to 100 units this year as it seeks to ramp up decarbonization plans.

The company—which envisions itself to become the country’s biggest green logistics firm in five years—said it was enabling its transition toward sustainable transport by replacing carbon-intensive logistics operations with eco-friendly measures.

“We aim to catalyze a transition to zero-emissions mid- and last-mile delivery in the Philippines,” Mober founder and CEO Dennis Ng said.

It currently has a fleet of 20 EVs and e-truck, which can travel up to 230 kilometers (km) to 280 km. The EVs are powered by fast-charging lithium-ion batteries, which emit zero carbon dioxide (CO2) unlike the internal combustion engine vehicles.

Mober added that EVs were less costly to maintain and operate, which could translate to savings for the company in the long run.

“Monitoring the CO2 offset for our EV fleet can serve as a conscious reminder for businesses looking to go green to reflect on using EVs soonest. This will also help us save the data for future use and reach our net zero goal target,” Ng said.

The Mober official explained that the company could reduce daily carbon emissions by 35 percent if it could deploy 300 EVs.

Meanwhile, Mober announced its partnership with Swiss coffee brand Nespresso for EV delivery services. The logistics company began transporting the coffee products from warehouse to stores around Metro Manila in Dec. 2022.

“By switching to electric vehicles, Nespresso is set to eliminate hundreds of tons of CO2 emissions yearly, and this is just the beginning for us,” Ng said.

Apart from Nespresso, the biggest clients of Mober include IKEA Philippines and SM Appliance.

Mober also provides kiosk services, back-office customer relations recovery and furniture assembly, in addition to delivery.