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Living in a residential and retail condominium

Living in a residential and retail condominium

If you’re living a fast-paced life, the mall can help you maintain your home and stock up on supplies easily.

Imagine living a few steps away from the mall. You get to stock up on daily essentials easily, be the first to see in-store sale events, and even window shop during boring days at home. It’s the ultimate shopping paradise.

If this is your ideal living situation, imagine no more. This setup exists almost everywhere already in Metro Manila. In particular, condominiums offer this kind of living as many are built on mixed-use estates where the lines separating residential, retail and office are blurred for convenience.


Living next to the mall is now an awesome reality with all the perks of convenience and fun. If you’re wondering if there are more benefits to this lifestyle, however, do read on. Besides the joy of shopping, living in a mixed-use building offering both residential and retail services can provide numerous advantages. It might be time to consider relocating to one and discover all the perks today.


Ease of living

Living in a residential and retail condominium

Even your kids can benefit from the mall, especially if there’s a daycare or play place for them to have fun.

Convenience does wonders to the life of the eternally busy person. Whether you’re in need of an over-the-counter medicine or a satisfying cup of milk tea, being able to get your need in a matter of minutes is a priceless joy. This allows you to focus on other tasks at hand, whether it’s family, work or personal passions you need to attend to.

Apart from being able to buy things quickly, living near retail shops allows you to socialize and entertain people without having to bring them over at your home. Whether it’s some workmates or in-laws you need to impress, inviting your visitors to the restaurant serving delectable dishes just below your unit will do wonders for your reputation.


Plus, there’s no need to do dishes afterwards so you and your companions can just focus on having a good time.

Boring days begone

Living in a residential and retail condominium

There’s no need for exceptional cooking skills if you can bring your guests to a great restaurant near your home for easy entertaining.

When you’re living in a condominium with shops nearby, you don’t have to worry about being bored at home. Whether you’re just craving for company or looking for some friendly distraction while working, you can head down to the café for some drinks.

Sometimes, there’s also a daycare center or a play place where you can drop off your kids to get some physical activity. For pet-friendly communities, some buildings even host a grooming center for your fur babies to get stylish haircuts. There’s a lot of things that can be done in the retail center of condominiums, so you can get things done without venturing far from home. It’s a truly exciting place to live in.

Oversee business and home

Living in a residential and retail condominium

Service-oriented businesses such as a cleaning company are often found in the retail section of mixed-use communities.

For parents looking to juggle livelihood and rear a family, a condominium offering business opportunities hits two birds with one stone.

In a mixed-use multi-story dwelling, you can set up shop while still being a few steps away from your kids. If you happen to be a work-from-home professional, meanwhile, a café or restaurant in the area provides the much-needed atmosphere to relax your mind and boost your productivity. Some condominiums also offer office and school supplies to allow you to easily stock up on work tools.

All these features help you manage time easily between home and work, allowing you to spend more time with the people who matter in your life.

Get help when needed

For some people, living in a condominium can be difficult because it means living on one’s own. Cleaning the pad, doing the laundry, and emptying the grease trap can be a pain to manage especially for those who are always busy or on the go.

Many retail shops in mixed-use condominiums, however, aim to alleviate these challenges with the services they offer. If you live in a condominium, there’s a good chance that there’s a laundry shop, cleaning service, maintenance crew and other service-oriented businesses that can be found within your vicinity. These groups can help you make sure that your home remains in tip-top shape even if you don’t have the time or skill to maintain it on your own.

A dream come true

Overall, there’s a good reason why people cite the mall as the ideal place to be, in case of a zombie apocalypse in town. It can provide all your needs and ensure your survival until salvation arrives.

But even if there are no monsters after you, the mall can still be a great convenience, providing you with essential supplies and services. As you can’t actually reside inside a mall though, a mixed-use condominium offering residential and retail services is the next best thing you can get to have a convenient and fun stay in the city.

Check out a condominium near you and discover if they have retail shops that can make your life in the metropolis a breeze. These residential types will surely bring joy and convenience to your life in the city—zombie apocalypse or not.

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