Nothing’s certain so here’s how everyday Filipinos can make the most out of their Plan B

Nothing’s certain so here’s how everyday Filipinos can make the most out of their Plan B

You can always set a Plan B to your most important goals to ensure these become realities no matter what happens.
/ 12:56 PM October 03, 2022

It’s safe to say that people have grown to find it difficult thinking about the future — no thanks to the pandemic which proved that life is indeed unpredictable. What we thought our lives would be like looks very different from the new normal we’ve now adjusted to. It goes to show that you can’t leave anything to chance, especially when it comes to you or your family’s future.

You work hard for your family – ensuring there’s food on the table, the kids are in school, the bills are paid on time, and their hopes and dreams are fulfilled. But what if life takes an unexpected turn? You might feel helpless when thinking about what might go wrong, however, the future is in your hands.  

As we navigate how to move forward in this uncertain economic landscape, it’s important to think about Plan B. Worried about where to begin? With BDO Life, it’s easy to get started, so planning for life’s “what ifs” is liberating and straight to the point. 

Here’s what Plan B may look like to different kinds of adult Filipinos, and how you can make the most of it too. 

The family breadwinner  

There’s a lot of pressure that comes with being the sole financial provider — helping to put the young ones through school, taking care of your parents, and making ends meet in order to keep a roof over your head and have food on the table.  

While it may be hard to think about your own dreams when you’re supporting others, having a Plan B will help to alleviate some of the weight and allow you to save up for your long-term goals and dreams. BDO Life has insurance plans that have cash payouts or investment returns that can help fund your aspirations. Should something happen to you, the payouts act as additional funds for your loved ones that they can use to spend on their future needs. 

The hopeful newlyweds  

Exciting times are ahead as you look forward to the many life adventures with your loved one and eventually starting a family. Saving up early to prepare for these life milestones is a must – like building your first home, preparing for your kids’ education, and making lasting memories as a family. But what will happen to these dreams in the case of an emergency? You need a safety net in the form of life insurance to ensure your dreams for your family will still come to fruition even if you are no longer around. 

Life insurance gives your spouse and your kids instant cash that will allow them to continue paying for the mortgage or car loan, keep the kids in school, continue to hone their talents and enjoy the lifestyle you’ve provided them, even if you’re no longer in the picture.  

The parents reaching retirement  

As we get older, critical illness becomes a valid concern. The thought of getting sick and not having enough to pay for the soaring costs of medical bills and hospital treatments are enough to really keep you up at night. No matter how much money your household earns and is able to save, one unfortunate incident can instantly jeopardize your family’s financial security.

Having life insurance can take your mind off medical costs and help protect your family’s income. Should you get diagnosed with a dread disease, your BDO Life insurance plan will automatically take effect by giving you instant cash to help fund your diagnostic tests, hospital treatments and other medical bills, allowing you to focus on getting your health back without compromising your family’s hard earned savings. 

While a good number of adult Filipinos are hesitant about life insurance due to presumed financial constraints, its actual value and affordability offers a reason for it to be prioritized. It’s actually easy to set up a plan that works for you, well within your financial capabilities

Budgeting and monitoring your expenses can get you by, but having a Plan B in the form of life insurance can act as a shield, a reinforcement. It safeguards and protects you and your assets, something that no other financial product can do. BDO Life finds ways to ensure that your most important life plans become realities regardless of what the future holds. Having a Plan B will allow you to not only maintain your financial dignity; it provides assurance that your loved ones’ dreams stay protected no matter what. 

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