Ber months hits: Limitless top picks perfect for the season

Ber months hits: Limitless top picks perfect for the season

/ 02:53 PM September 26, 2022

September is almost over, so you know what that means! We, Filipinos, have welcomed the beginning of a unique and special season: the “-ber” months or better known as the longest Christmas celebration in the world. This period also signifies a more comfortable “bed weather” because the temperature becomes colder and night times extend longer. 

For sure, you have already pulled out your favorite knitted tops and prepared your umbrellas at the doorstep when PAGASA officially declared the start of the ‘brr’ season. But to truly complement the weather’s cool breeze and gloomy atmosphere, comfort food is the way to go! 


Lucky for LIMITLESS app’s members – the digital lifestyle mobile app of Phoenix Petroleum Philippines – they can enjoy a whole variety of comfort food through the app’s several partner merchants. Each of these offers amazing promo deals and non-expiring e-vouchers that can even be used after the “Ber” months.

So, here are some top pick partner merchants of LIMITLESS to keep members warmer and more comfortable for the succeeding weeks. From a nice bowl of warm soup to healthy fruit juice, the list guarantees that there is something here for everyone. 

Anytime and anywhere: FamilyMart

Who else knows your cravings 24 hours a day and 7 days a week? Definitely FamilyMart! The world’s 2nd largest convenience store retail chain has got your back with its available cup noodles, Coffee Creations, and ramen ready-to-eat varieties. So, whether you are on a tight budget or unable to order from your favorite restos, you can satisfy your cravings in no time because it offers fresh and high-quality food.

And for budget concerns, always watch for FamilyMart’s regular promo deals, such as Fam Treats of the Month, also available at LIMITLESS.

For keeping warm: Botejyu

Explore the rich-tasting and authentic Japanese cuisine in Boteyju with its more than 45 branches in the Philippines. It’s best known for its okonomiyaki specialty but slurping curly ramen noodles and cozying up to a delicious broth is even better this Ber months’ season. Not only is this dish comforting and flavorful but also healthy in a lot of ways! Broths are a great source of amino acids and topped meats and noodles serve as the protein needed by your body. 

To sweeten the day: Paper Moon Cafe

After a big hearty meal, why not indulge with colorful and delectable desserts to counter the season’s gloomy weather? Paper Moon Cafe is a celebration of a fusion of two distinct and widely popular cuisines: Japanese and French. It 

proudly offers French specialty cakes and pastries, such as Mille crepe varieties, created through meticulous Asian skill that is distinctly Japanese. 


For travel enthusiasts: Greyhound Café

They say food is the best way to understand a man’s culture. Thanks to restaurant concepts like Greyhound Café, it lets you take a taste of modern Thailand cuisine where all dishes are delectably curated with Thai/Southeast Asian creative twists. Looking for a fun activity with surprises? Greyhound Café is Basic with a Twist! 

Healthy but make it fruity: Big Chill

During the rainy season, Filipinos don’t just prepare for the storms ahead but also the common illnesses occurring this time. So, in addition to keeping yourself warm, comfortable, and snuggly all day long, LIMITLESS reminds you to do a daily health check with its partner merchant Big Chill. 

A goal based on raising awareness about mindful and sustainable eating, Big Chill carries a wide selection of 100% healthy and fresh fruit juices and smoothies. They’re nutrient-packed, served without added sugar and artificial flavorings, and made with fresh locally sourced fruits.

Go for a healthier lifestyle: Go! Salads

In addition to Big Chill’s refreshing drinks, you can achieve a completely healthy lifestyle with Go! Salads’ best organic and nutritious meals and beverages at affordable prices. And if you want a wide variety of choices, Go! Salads owns several brands dedicated to a greener and fuller diet, namely, Ambassador’s, Plant Creamery, and Pizza Plant, all available at the LIMITLESS app. 


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