Beyond beautiful surprises await at Evia

Written by: Amy R. Remo

It’s easy to find your own sweet spot in this beautiful destination that has everything you need for a quick, refreshing break.

Evia Lifestyle Center, with its rich European-inspired architecture and elegant ambiance, is a cornucopia of retail, dining, leisure and entertainment options, effortlessly catering to our every whim. Whether I go there alone, with friends or with my family, I have no doubt that Evia will always have something in store for everyone because each twist and turn in this grand, impressive retail and lifestyle complex unveils a wonderful surprise that might just be exactly what we all need at the moment.

Take that one rainy Tuesday afternoon I decided to take a breather.

Coffee Project Black

I really had no agenda in mind as I headed to Evia Lifestyle Center along Daang Hari Road. As I went up to the mall from the parking lot, I found myself near this shop that has two of my most favorite things in the world of books and coffee.

Ask any bookworm: even just browsing through the titles can give you quite a rush, more so if you stumble on a new book or author. And if you add coffee to the equation, well, Coffee Project Black has already made my day.

Coffee Project Black, I was told, is a welcome collaboration between Fully Booked and Coffee Project. Yes, you’ll still find here Coffee Project is signature interiors that are nature-inspired, warm and inviting all impeccably merged with Fully Booked own aesthetics as you’ll see in that imposing mural you’ll find at its entrance. The best part is that oddly beautiful combination of the faint scent of new books surrounding you and the rich, powerful coffee aroma in the air.

AllDigital, AllHome, Kinder City

All giddy and nowhere to go, I went up the stairs from Coffee Project Black. Lo and behold, I saw AllDigital, which has an expansive selection of literary everything digital from phones, cameras, gaming consoles and accessories, to computers, small appliances and even go-karts!

Further still, I found myself wandering around AllHome, which had me wanting to spruce up my space and give it a fresh new look. I’m pretty sure you’d want to haul as much loot too if you saw the nice little trinkets and fixtures here. And if I didn’t stop myself, I was already this close to buying new furniture for the house.

I had to get away from there fast so I walked around until I saw this brightly lit, colorful space filled with happy kids tumbling about. Kinder City looked so much fun! This is the perfect way to tear off your kids from their gadgets even for just a couple of hours and let them sweat it out as they slip, slide, jump and bounce. It will also help your kids develop social skills too.

Commune Hall

But what ís so great about Evia Lifestyle Mall is the breadth of dining choices spread across this massive complex. So it doesn’t matter if you suddenly get a craving wherever you are in this mall, you’re bound to find a place where you can hang out, snack, drink coffee, or get a full, hearty meal. But if you guys are finding it a little difficult to choose or compromise, you can head over to Commune Hall.

I checked out the unique food concepts here and you have to believe me when I say this hall alone can satisfy your every craving Filipino, Mexican, Korean, Japanese, Italian, American, you name it! Too bad, I was still full. But Iíll be back here for sure.

Market liberty

If you haven’t seen this store, I suggest you rush to Evia right now. Itís absolutely kawaii overload at Market Liberty, where you’ll find adorable Japanese and Korean trinkets, novelties, food and other knick knacks among many other great finds. I couldn’t help itógot myself some munchies from here.

San Marco

All that walking had me wanting something refreshing and good thing I ventured into the Piazza, a section in Evia that sports this gorgeous ceiling mural done in cool shades of blue and white. Here, a row of restaurants presents a wide array of dining options for you. I went for San Marco and una buona cosa! I had a delicious treat of gelato which I wolfed down in seconds. I saw that it was also serving hearty breakfast meals, pastas and pizzas amid cozy interiorsóIíll probably try this, perhaps, at another time.

Bread Basket

I barely noticed the time but it was already getting dark and I was getting a bit hungry then. I had a dinner place in mind but as I sauntered off to go to the Promenade area, I chanced upon Bread Basket. And I had to stop by to admire that freshly baked selection of mouthwatering, pillowy breads and other goodiesósome flaky, soft and light, others dense and downright irresistible.

Dear Joe

If I had more time, I would probably stop here for another caffeine fix. Near Bread Basket is Dear Joe, the first letter writing cafe in the country. If you’re someone like me who values having some time alone to think and ponder, then is the perfect stop for you.

Go and pour your heart out, pen a beautiful, sentimental letter to a past love, an old friend or to your future self. Better yet, provide an address and Dear Joe might actually consider sending it in the future.And while youíre at it, might as well munch on some delectable grubópastries, cakes, pizzas, sandwiches, and breakfast fare. Dear Joeís got you covered for sure.

Sixty Four

My last stop in Evia got me feeling a wee bit nostalgicócassette tapes, vinyl records, old cameras, video tapes, CD players, books, typewriters and school posters. The hip, retro-themed bistro Sixty Four takes you all the way back to those good old days of your childhood, when life seemed simpler, devoid of electronic gadgets that demand your immediate attention. After that long afternoon walk, I decided to have the Shrimp poppers and Sausage Trinity, which were absolutely delish! You have to try the other bestsellers thoughóSouthern Fried Chicken and Cheesecake Bombs, while the Caramel Crunch Frappe, Hibiscus Lemonade and Strawberry Banana Cream Soda come highly recommended.

Iím just so happy I decided to spend my afternoon here. Itís truly a feast for the senses, home to great, diverse experiences, and an answer to a much needed retail therapy packaged in this vast, beautifully done complex that is Evia Lifestyle Center.