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Ideal home styles to match your locale

We all have our dream homes. Even as little kids, we wished of living in a Disney or medieval castle. We thought of how awesome it would be to have our very own towers, ornate turrets, moats and secret passages.

Naturally, as we grew older, our taste in living spaces and architecture evolved. That palace of our dreams morphed into something more sensible and practical. (Besides, can you imagine the upkeep of living in a castle?)

Location plays a huge factor when it comes to home design as well. How our house looks often depends on where we ultimately choose to stay or settle down. An architectural house style that is meant for coastal living may seem out of place when built up in the mountains. A warm log cabin that looks perfect for the mountains will definitely look like a sore thumb when built in the middle of the urban jungle.


Here are some house styles which we imagine would be perfect, according to where you decide to build a home.


For the city slicker

Ideal home styles to match your locale

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Given the scarcity of land in the metro, especially in central business districts, it only makes sense to go for a condominium unit or a townhouse. Condominiums allow you to live smack in the middle of your chosen CBD, within minutes of shops, dining and hangout spots and other key establishments. They’re easier to maintain as well, especially if it’s made by a reputable property developer with an efficient property management team.

Not everyone is a fan of high-rise living, though. If you prefer living closer to the ground, a townhouse should make the ideal city home for you. Townhomes are popular in the city because each unit requires a relatively smaller lot area compared to the traditional house and lot yet gives residents that feeling of living in a single-family home.

For those in low-lying areas

Ideal home styles to match your locale

Platform 21 Architecture

According to Ar. Ian Fulgar (, “quality houses should have aesthetics, amenities, reinforced structures and architectural features that can withstand adverse weather conditions and aging.” He further explains that an ideal Filipino home should be elevated or raised a few steps from the ground.

Since the Philippines is visited by an average of 20 typhoons every year and we get a fair share of rain, houses built especially on low-lying areas should take inspiration from our traditional bahay kubo and include an elevated base or stilts in their design. Such configuration protects the house’s occupants in case flooding occurs during the rainy season, plus it allows for easier natural ventilation.

For the seaside settlers

Ideal home styles to match your locale

Quang Nguyen Vinh/Pexels

If you’re fortunate enough to build on a beachfront property in Cebu or Batangas, consider a house in an Asian tropical or Balinese architectural style. Think open pavilions with thatched roofs; an open floor plan layout; operable panoramic windows; sun shades or storm shutters; wider eaves; natural materials such as wood, bamboo, adobe; and earth and ocean tones.

Keep in mind though that dwellings by the sea are prone to weathering, rust and erosion due to prolonged exposure to the elements. Ar. Fulgar suggests using materials such as anodized aluminum and materials with protective coats. For the floors, tiled, concrete floors are your best option because these are durable and easier to maintain and clean.


For the mountain dwellers

Ideal home styles to match your locale

Alice Davies/Unsplash

Solitude paired with fresh, crisp mountain air may be enough to sway one to set up a home up in the middle of the woods. Here, a log cabin will surely complement the surroundings with its rustic charm. Since wood has natural insulating properties, you’re guaranteed that the temperature inside your home is kept at a comfortable level, even if it gets really chilly outdoors.

For the one in the countryside

Ideal home styles to match your locale

Max Vakhtbovych/Pexels

Countryside living has gotten more appealing, especially since we can now attest that telecommuting works and can get the job done. Since a rural address gives you more space to work with, consider a contemporary bahay kubo or a modern tropical style home.

These two styles match any idyllic locale and allow homeowners to enjoy their environment’s fresh breeze and abundant flora. With features such as large windows, high ceilings, high-pitched roofs with larger overhangs and expansive patios and terraces, your countryside home will not only have a refreshing tropical vibe to it, it promises to be functional as well.

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