Achieving that American Nursing dream with White Glove Placement

Achieving that American Nursing dream with White Glove Placement

/ 02:28 PM July 15, 2022

Filipinos can be found all over the world working in different professions, and they excel in any field they are in, especially Nursing. The Philippines is touted to be the largest exporter of quality nurses, as registered Filipino nurses are much sought-after in neighboring Asian countries, in the Middle East, and even in the US. However, despite how skilled our nurses are, chances of getting hired in the US continue to be slim because of competition and the difficulty of processing papers and documents. One needs a reputable placement agency with years of expertise and organic positive reviews to be able to turn that American Nursing dream into reality. Nurses Queenie Montebon, Mary Ann Alcansare trusted White Glove Placement, and they are in the heart of the United States of America, currently living their dream and pursuing their passion, while providing a better life for their families back home.

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Queenie Montebon

Montebon, an impassioned Labor and Delivery nurse, is zealous to share her experience to all Nursing graduates in the Philippines. When she initially entered the healthcare field as an OB/GYN nurse, she was thrown off by the limited opportunities and low income that nurses get in the Philippines. When she mentioned her concerns to a nurse-friend, she was pleasantly surprised to hear that obtaining a sponsorship to the US is not as difficult as it is stereotypically known to be. “When I was introduced to the White Glove team, I was amazed to learn that I will not only get sponsored and paired with great potential opportunities in the United States, but it also provided me with a support system via its one-to-one guidance throughout the complete process,” Montebon says as she recalls her experience.

white glove placement nursing

Mary Ann Alcansare

ICU nurse Alcansare got to know about White Glove when students back in her college days animatedly discussed the sponsorship options, mentioning that White Glove has an outstanding reputation of bringing about outstanding results. Thus, after passing her NCLEX, she researched her options and weighed all opportunities so she could choose what is best. “I did my homework well, taking references and researching what the White Glove experience is all about before reaching out,” she shares. “I found that your White Glove Sponsorship Counselor does not leave your side from the moment they learn about your dream.  They will journey with you through the full immigration process, sponsoring a lawyer, and all the other attached expenses, aside for a minimal fee,” Alcansare added.

However, the last US recession greatly impacted all industries, including healthcare, and caused a serious setback for both Alcansare and Montebon. The process which White Glove could usually navigate in less than two years, was abruptly paused one year after filing for the immigration process. When the retrogression finally eased up, the cases were finally scheduled for a visa interview at the US Consulate. Montebon felt that the White Glove Sponsorship Counselor was more disappointed than she was during the lull, and they were just as eager when her visa finally came through. Alcansare appreciated the help and transparency of the agency: “My White Glove Sponsorship Counselor always enlightened me with regarding some questions I raised. My immigration lawyer, funded by White Glove, also came through with true sincerity and support,” she beams.

They also inquired whether it is recommended for nurses to bring their families along when emigrating from a foreign country. Alcansare says that it would expose a family to many challenges, so it is wise to temporarily leave the family in the Philippines, gain your ground and eventually bring them once you are financially able to fend for all living expenses. “When you adjust to a new environment you need to focus first to be successful. It is hard to give it the appropriate attention, when you are helping your family settle at the same time. Especially with a young family,” Alcansare says, while she explains that she came to America by herself, spent a year to ground her career, then her family joined her after one year. On the other hand, Montebon dealt with it differently. She felt that coming to the US with her devoted husband and her darling eight-year-old son, did not only provide her with the support system, but it also gave her the motivation and encouragement to do better, rather than bog her down.

Many nurses wonder what the challenges are when starting a new life and career in an entirely new environment and country. Montebon recommends every nurse to explore sponsorship, especially that of White Glove. Once settled, she suggests: “You need to toughen up, manage your expectations, be ready to work hard, and be a team player to make it.” Alcansare believes that one should come emotionally prepared. “During the transition period, even if you are a seasoned Registered Nurse, you will feel as a newbie because the American healthcare protocols are completely new. Sometimes your colleagues may look down at you because you are new, but you shouldn’t take that to heart.  Just do your job well, strive to better every day, so you could earn their respect and friendship,” she enumerates.

Montebon is proud to say that she currently has a nephew and three nieces that are Registered Nurses like her, and in the process of passing their NCLEX. White Glove is looking forward to welcoming them when they feel ready to follow her footsteps and work in the US. Alcansare is grateful for the unparalleled job opportunities and benefits that White Glove offers. “They don’t just match you up with any job, they truly listen to your preferences and in which direction you would like to further your career and they will spy for an assignment accordingly,” she muses.

Since 1995, White Glove Placement has provided staffing services to facilities, across the USA, in need of nursing resources.  Being a Joint Commission Certified agency, it is committed to providing quality services, with appropriately credentialed and qualified staff in all clinical specialties.

White Glove offers flexible schedules so you could enjoy the work-life balance that works for you. The placement company will provide you with unique opportunities and multiple job options in various health care facilities in the US. And throughout the process, you can be assured of genuine and reliable partnership as it has several staff that are committed to your successful Nursing career goals in the US.

White Glove respects and values individual contributions and is fully supportive of each person’s professional goals. Like Montenbon and Alcansare, your American Nursing dream within reach. Connect with a White Glove Sponsorship Counselor for a seamless journey to your Nursing career goals, so you could give your family the best life they deserve. Email your resume to [email protected] or visit them online today!


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