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A secret look into the mind of the super-rich and ultra-successful; and how you can copy them

/ 04:10 AM June 13, 2022


(First of two parts)

As someone who has been called “the mentor of the giants” by Fortune, a coach and consultant to top Fortune 500 CEOs, advisor to the presidents of some of the world’s largest companies, coach to some of the world’s most influential families, self-made billionaire entrepreneurs, philanthropists, famous entertainers and even world-champion athletes, I can tell you: they all share one secret.What is this secret ingredient that sets them apart? It is not some super talent. It is not some magic gene science has not uncovered yet. It is a secret that few people know: all of these ultra-successful high achievers think very much alike.


And if you take a look into the mind of the majority of people on this planet who are unsuccessful and average, it is also clear that they all think very much alike.

The magic mental pill

What does that mean for you, your professional career, and your business? It’s simple: if you can model the beliefs of the super-rich and ultra-successful and make them your own, then success is almost guaranteed. If you add hard work to it, unwavering persistence and a clear focus on your goals, then nothing can stop you.


I will list some of the mindsets and beliefs that these ultra- successful high achievers share so you can model them and become the best version of yourself. And in the process, you can empower others to do the same and propel your business or career to the next level of success to accomplish the impossible.

No.1: Every change is an opportunity

Let’s face it: most of us do not like change. And neither do the world’s most successful business leaders and entrepreneurs. But they keep their ego out of the equation: they do not care if they like the change or not. But they ask themselves: how can I exploit this change for the benefit of my business?

In the Philippines, we see three main changes converging to make this year truly special and unique:

  • the changes in the global and national economic order postpandemic;
  • the ripple effects of the Russia-Ukraine conflict; and
  • the elections;

All three combine to make this a truly unique year. This means that unique opportunities await all business leaders who take the time and the experts to uncover these golden nuggets for them. This perfect storm brings perfect opportunities.

No.2: Massive action = momentum = success

The world’s top achievers in business do not wait for the perfect time because they know it will never come. Opportunities do not come to those who wait but to those who act. Action builds momentum, which builds success.

And if you need to correct your course of action, it does not matter. The ultra-rich and successful know that it is easier to change the course of an object that is already in motion versus getting an object into motion from inertia. Focus on building momentum through massive action. Do not sit and wait. Another way to say this is: “Get into motion, no matter if you are ready or not!” Success follows movement.

No.3: The glass is almost full

Richard Branson talks about this belief a lot. And guess what it does? It opens your eyes to the many low-hanging fruits and opportunities that lie in easy reach. If you do not subscribe to this mindset, you will not see the golden opportunities that may lie right in front of you.


This belief goes hand in hand with the next one: I can find a solution to almost anything. As Jeff Bezos said: “One of the only ways to get out of a tight box is to invent your way out.” This is a belief that empowers you to invent you and your business even out of the tightest of boxes.

No.4: Money does grow on trees

There is more wealth in the world today than there ever has been before. And contrary to popular belief, the world’s most successful self-made billionaire entrepreneurs have a rigorous abundance mindset on their way to the top – even if they start dirt poor. They see opportunities anywhere and everywhere. They know that any money lost can easily be regained and empty coffers can be replenished in short time.

This is why you often read about stories where self-made billionaires lost almost everything just to regain it or create even more money and success for themselves and their business afterward.

There is no “zero-sum” game.

No.5: Believe in your vision even if no one else does

This is true for all the top business leaders and entrepreneurs I have had the fortune of coaching, interacting with or advising. They share an unwavering belief in their vision even if everyone else may laugh at them at the onset.

The founders of Airbnb already talked about the massive future success of their business after they barely got started and were short on funds. So did the Google founders. So did Mark Zuckerberg. And the list goes on and on.

If you have the pleasure of spending one-on-one time with the world’s top achievers, then you quickly see that their passion for their vision is infectious. It survives all odds and even the biggest obstacles, and they firmly believe that they can accomplish the impossible. I have described this process in detail in my last book “Nothing Is Impossible.” Suffice it to say here that their passion is contagious and their belief in the success of their vision is rock-solid.

If there is one thing that is key to becoming ultra-successful in whatever industry or profession, it is the nurturing of that belief in your vision.

No.6: Believe 100 percent in your abilities

The ultra successful also believe that whatever odds may be stacked against them or whatever curveballs and challenges life may throw at them, they will prevail and get to their destination.

This is contrary to what society teaches us. The educational systems in virtually every country are set up to focus on our mistakes and weaknesses, to make us feel ashamed, inadequate and unfit to reach our dreams. The opposite is true. The world’s ultra-high achievers know that their unique individual combination of strengths and weaknesses allow them to reach their goals. They do not need to be perfect because perfection does not exist.

No.7: Never ever give up!

If you look at the grand majority of people on this planet who are unsuccessful and fall far short of ever reaching their full potential, they often blame either circumstance or personal weaknesses for their lack of success.

I have said this many times, but it bears repeating: If you have the fortune to interact with the world’s rich and famous as I have, the first thing that strikes you is how full of weaknesses they are. There is no superman in the room. What they have, however, is a super belief in their abilities and their vision.

They know that weaknesses will not stop them because we all have them. Instead, they put a support system in place so that their weaknesses do not stop them from reaching their goals. That’s it. They never ever let doubts get the upper hand. And they never give up. Unwavering persistence is the magic bullet of the super-rich and ultra-successful. INQ

Tom Oliver, a “global management guru” (Bloomberg), is the chair of The Tom Oliver Group, the trusted advisor and counselor to many of the world’s most influential family businesses, medium-sized enterprises, market leaders and global conglomerates. For more information and inquiries: www.TomOliverGroup.com or email

[email protected]

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