Forcepoint ONE: The all-in-one solution for data security

Forcepoint ONE: The all-in-one solution for data security

/ 11:50 AM April 20, 2022

Hybrid workplaces can present a variety of challenges. Unintegrated technology and lack of knowledge can result in serious security issues which makes working processes more difficult.

The December 2021 Gartner report, “Predicts 2022: Consolidated Security Platforms Are the Future”, highlighted the fact that rapid uptake in unified technology will inevitably occur. Further, it was reported that 80% of enterprises would have adopted a strategy to unify web, cloud services, and private application access from a single vendor’s security service edge (SSE) platform by 2025.

Businesses need to adapt and change in order to meet future challenges. Implementing the right security technology is one way to do this.

During a virtual media press briefing held on March 29, Forcepoint, a cybersecurity leader recognized by Gartner, Forrester and IDC, unveiled the Forcepoint ONE Cloud Platform. Forcepoint ONE is an all-in-one security platform with the ‘easy button’ for security. Brandon Tan, Sales Engineering Director, APAC and Pam Angeles, Country Sales Manager, discussed insights and updates about the future of work and how Forcepoint ONE ensures a secured and private network in the hybrid environment.

A new approach to data security

“We used to have a perimeter approach. We put all data, all computing resources in an office building. We use encryption, we use identity detection tools. Now, the problem with the castle and moat strategy is the fact that because of the pandemic the majority of your workers are no longer inside the castle,” noted Tan. “The moment users are working remotely, a VPN connection is the most efficient way of doing things. With data centers no longer a centralized repository of data, and the fact that data aligns across different SaaS providers, we need a new approach.”

Forcepoint ONE is a new, cutting-edge security platform that lets traditional and remote workers gain safe, controlled access to important data on the web, within the cloud, and within private applications.

Built on a Zero Trust model, Forcepoint ONE verifies everything and anything, inside and outside of the perimeter to keep attackers out and sensitive data in.

All-in-one solution to prevent data breach

Forcepoint’s all-in-one approach allows a single security policy to enforce rules and prevent unauthorized information access or sharing. It takes the hassle out of implementing Security Service Edge (SSE) by unifying crucial security services including Secure Web Gateway (SWG), Remote Browser Isolation (RBI), Content Disarm and Reconstruction (CDR), Cloud Access Security Broker (CASB) and Zero Trust Network Access (ZTNA).

The solution also utilizes protection software such as Integrated Advanced Threat Protection (ATP) and Data Loss Prevention (DLP) to help businesses protect data across the span of ‘Bring Your Own Devices’ (BYOD) that may be used.

“The tendency right now of a lot of companies is that they have a lot of security products, point products that are difficult to manage. A lot of employees right now are also using unmanaged devices,” said Pam Angeles, Country Sales Manager. “Forcepoint ONE delivered and gave a solution to make sure that data is protected as employees use their own personal laptops or devices. It is a very good use case.”

Secure access is achieved through the combination of Zero Trust Network Access (ZTNA), Cloud Access Security Broker (CASB) and Secure Web Gateway (SWG). These work in concert and transparently from a single set of policies, complete with advanced threat protection and integrated data security. With access to over 300 global points of presence (PoPs) built on AWS, employees gain fast, low-latency connectivity and 99.99% uptime regardless of where they are working.

Simplifying security

Platform security may be desirable for some organizations, but currently there are not many vendors who can provide a single solution that supports all the components of Secure Access Service Edge (SASE). Companies that want to do SASE will likely have to piece it together from two or three vendors.

There is overlap in work, reporting, and user interfaces of traditional point platforms. As a result, the overburdened security team has to work on different areas, especially where they’re so similar—web traffic to a website or web traffic to SaaS applications.

Forcepoint’s platform provides a complete solution for organizations.

Under these challenging times where everything is innovating and evolving, security should not be ignored. There’s no better time for individuals and organizations to get a hold of data and control its power. Forcepoint ONE is here to help eliminate the complexity of data security.

This all-in-one, a truly cloud-native platform makes it easy to adopt Zero Trust and prevent the theft or loss of sensitive data and intellectual property no matter where people are working.

It’s the future of remote work, secured and simplified.

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