How Carousell’s partnership with Premium Warranty Services is a win for second-hand car buyers and sellers

How Carousell’s partnership with Premium Warranty Services is a win for second-hand car buyers and sellers

/ 02:50 PM March 21, 2022

The idea of being safe and secure with a warranty and quality inspection report that comes with your vehicle purchase is a huge game changer in the second-hand vehicles market, an idea that Carousell, one of the Philippines’ fastest-growing classified marketplaces, has turned into fruition to ensure high buyer satisfaction. 

Carousell has recently partnered with Premium Warranty Services Philippines, Inc. (PWSPI), a Japanese company known for their top-quality inspection process for used cars, launching the Carousell Autos Inspected and Warranty in the process, a new feature that’s designed to give buyers of second-hand cars the confidence and peace of mind they need when searching and making purchase deliberations for vehicles on the Carousell platform. 

This is one of the many undertakings within Carousell to ensure that its platform only promotes quality listings.

According to Djon Nacario, General Manager of Carousell Philippines, 85% of Filipino buyers have doubts and uncertainty when buying second-hand cars due to the difficulty of ascertaining the quality of the unit they intend to buy. The free Carousell Autos “Inspected” feature hopes to change that as the thorough transparency report it provides will allow buyers to see the real condition of the car they are looking to purchase. 


In their partnership, PWSPI will be providing its thorough 188-point inspection process to second-hand autos listed on Carousell. These listed used automobiles that underwent their process will have the Carousell Autos “Inspected” badge, which will allow potential used car buyers to get a detailed inspection report from PWSPI for each auto listing with the “Inspected” badge.  

A win for the second-hand vehicle market

The Carousell Autos Inspection and Warranty feature has benefitted sellers and have boosted their business, as an “inspected” badge relays purchase confidence to consumers, as seen on Ugarte Cars Manila and Juanita Cars Cainta.

Ugarte Cars Manila and Juanita Cars Cainta are two car-selling businesses that have been around since Carousell’s former shells Sulit and OLX, and both attest to how their businesses have grown, thanks to Carousell’s reach and extensive programs for merchant partners.

For Ugarte Cars Manila founders Chin and Lloyd Anthony Ugarte, they consider Carousell as an investment—they haven’t looked back from the time they put in their money to invest ten years ago. As owners of a 10-year-old business, protecting customers with their purchases also means protecting their own brand, so giving warranty was actually a sound business decision. “We are a trusted car dealer,”

Chin Ugarte explained. “Aside from providing the best quality cars, we also want to prioritize customer satisfaction by giving them the best car-buying experience and providing them peace of mind when they buy from us.”

The Carousell Autos Inspection and Warranty feature turned out to be advantageous for Ugarte Cars Manila. “It gave us an advantage because most of our cars have been tagged with the “Inspection with warranty” badge,” said Chin Ugarte, adding that the tag means most of the automobiles they are selling are quality cars that buyers can purchase with confidence. 

In the case of Benson Conde, owner of Juanita Cars Cainta, being a loyal user of Carousell and believing in its potential has paid off, big time. Carousell has been helping them grow their business since 2015 by providing a wider network to reach more buyers, and the introduction of the Autos Inspection and Warranty feature will simply become a cherry on top for their brand.

“In my line of business, I encourage my buyers to bring their own mechanic who will inspect the vehicles I sell for the purpose of transparency. If the client requests for a test drive, they may do so. I am proud to say that I give a money-back guarantee to my buyers for any of the following reasons: if a unit has been flooded, or if a unit has been tampered,” Conde explained. “I believe having comprehensive inspection reports will promote transparency for the buyers. I look forward to the quality and accuracy of the technical inspection reports using Japanese standards.”

Conde went so far as to highly recommend Carousell Autos to business owners in the car industry, as the platform can help them expand their network and open more markets for them. “Carousell site gives as much information as they can get, where and when they want it,” Conde added.

A win as well for the second-hand vehicle buyers

Buyers like Michael B. Capuna have also benefited from Carousell and PWSPI’s new program. He was able to buy his 2021 Toyota Rush from Juanita Cars through the Carousell Autos platform, and knowing that the platform is a trusted medium for buying and selling, he was very much happy with his purchase. 

For Capuna, Carousell Autos was helpful in its suggestions for units he can buy and, by displaying the specs of the cars, he is able to dig deeper before making a decision—all without even seeing the car!  “My purchase was worth it. Carousell Autos greatly helped me as it allowed me to look into the details of the car,  making the decision-making process easier even before seeing the actual car. Allowing a lot of photos to be displayed is also a great feature as it gave me a detailed look at the unit. The assurance of the vehicle being inspected is also a great factor in my decision,” Capuna explained.

Capuna stressed the importance of being able to buy thoroughly-checked vehicles because the safety of the user will always be on the line for such purchases. “It is important to ensure that my investments in vehicles, especially since it involves usage of my family, are assured of premium inspection and premium warranty. I wouldn’t want any of my family to be in any mishap just because I didn’t ensure the quality and safety of the car I bought.”

Cost-effective warranty offer


Cars with the Carousell Autos “Inspected” tag are also eligible for Premium Warranty to ensure worry-free car ownership.  Warranty service plans are as low as P22.80 per day for a 1-year comprehensive warranty. This covers repairs for over 200 parts that owners can claim from accredited auto repair shops nationwide.

With these perspectives in mind, Carousell Autos Inspection and Warranty looks to be a big win for both second-hand vehicle buyers and sellers. Together, Carousell and PWSPI have improved a trusted marketplace by boosting its transparency and security with their inspection process, and have boosted buyer and seller confidence alike.

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