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Practical ways to prepare your home for the summer

The scorching summer weather in the Philippines often starts as early as March, when the heat index would hit around 38°C, before reaching a record 45°C in May.

This “felt air temperature” in tropical countries invites seasonal refreshments like samalamig and freezing-cold halo-halo. Staying hydrated and under the shade can, however, only do so much to allow you to enjoy the sunny weather. Uplifting your home environment for the coming season is a more logical and healthier investment.

So how do you prepare your home for the summer?



Renovations to reduce heat transfer can be as easy as installing draperies to cover windows or repainting the entire roof.




Cover windows with draperies to reduce heat—BEAZY/UNSPLASH

Coating glass with low-emissivity film or creating gaps in double-glazed windows will minimize heat transfer from the outdoors.


White tends to reflect sunlight rather than absorb it. Using white paint to coat walls or house roofs is recommended in preventing heat absorption.

Passive Ventilation

Passive ventilation strategies, such as replacing fixed windows with casements or jalousie windows to regulate airflow, will help keep living areas more relaxed.


Thermal insulation inside walls and roofs reduce heat build-up. Applying an extra layer of the insulating sheet under the roof or replacing damaged ones can keep the house cooler all year round.


Trees that provide shade and soothing water features are fantastic options to consider. Using specific greens in the backyard or inside living spaces can do wonders for your area’s conditions.



Plants act as additional insulation—KATE DARMODY/UNSPLASH

Vegetations are employed both for their functional and ornamental benefits. Spider plants, peace lilies, Vietnam roses, decorative dumb cranes, succulents and bamboo plants are placed inside the house to help with UV rays and air pollutants. They act as additional insulation and ornaments for a greener, livelier interior.


Water features

water features

Lighting fixtures that are eco-friendly as well as water features help reduce heat.—PATRICK TOMASSO AND GERALDINE DUKES/UNSPLASH

Water features such as fountains reduce the temperature of the surrounding air by 3°C, which can be felt up to 35m away, while surface water such as ponds and canals only reduce the temperature by 1°C. Misting or atomizing water can also reduce air temperature by 3°C.

Maintaining appliances, electronics

lighting fixtures

Lighting fixtures that are eco-friendly as well as water features help reduce heat.—PATRICK TOMASSO AND GERALDINE DUKES/UNSPLASH

The heat radiated by traditional light bulbs and other operating appliances has a significant impact on the temperature inside a house. Furthermore, poorly maintained airconditioning units and mechanical fans can perform the opposite of their intended function, heating rather than cooling the space.

Turn off appliances when they are not in use. When energy is saved, ambient temperature is reduced, resulting in lower energy consumption. All lighting fixtures should also be upgraded to be much more environment-friendly.

Simple renovations, additional landscaping, and house maintenance can help make the home much more bearable during the summer season.

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