Owning a car in a pandemic: No longer a luxury, but a necessity

Owning a car in a pandemic: No longer a luxury, but a necessity

/ 07:00 AM December 17, 2021

Car pandemic

Let’s face it: The COVID-19 pandemic has redefined and reshaped life as we know it. It is a reality  that has had a huge impact on our daily lives, since the first quarter of 2020, the effects of which will  continue into the foreseeable future. We had to adjust and must carry on adapting; not just to  survive, but also to thrive, as well as to keep ourselves (and our loved ones) safe in the midst of  challenging times. And, despite restrictions now easing somewhat, there is great wisdom in keeping  our guard up and always being on the ready.  

To put it simply, we must find ways and rise up to needs and dictates of the times.

The mobility dilemma  

While it has often been tricky to navigate this much-touted New Normal, we have somehow managed —indeed, there is much to be said about the fortitude and fervor of the human spirit. Among the  trickiest aspects we have had to contend with is the issue of mobility. Lockdowns notwithstanding,  many of us have opted to spend as much time as possible, indoors, in the confines of our own homes,  because it is where we feel safest and most at ease. But, going out is inevitable; another fact we must face. Whether it’s for essentials, vital appointments, work- or family-related matters, at some point,  we must brave the “outside world.”  

But, with public transportation being potential hotspots for viral transmission, it’s no wonder that  people are hesitant to travel on board such modes of transport. Many would rather avoid going out,  altogether, than risk catching the virus on board a public vehicle. While efforts have been made to  ideally limit the number of passengers and disinfect the interiors of public transport vehicles at regular intervals, reality is another story, altogether. By and large, ride sharing platforms have become the  safer alternative; but, with frequent use, the cost of using these services certainly adds up. 

How, then, to solve the mobility dilemma? This is where having your own vehicle has become an  especially important solution. Across the globe, people are now relying on their cars, more than they  ever did pre-pandemic.  

Mobility meets safety (and sanity) 

While having your very own means of private transportation has always been beneficial, these days, it  is more vital than anything else. Apart from the pre-pandemic woes of commuting in the busy,  bustling metropolis, the safety angle is a very real consideration, as we have already pointed out.  When we speak of the “safety features” of a vehicle, we now mean it quite literally! Imagine, being  able to take care of your needs in the privacy and protection of your own car. No more worrying about  the people-crush and lack of social distancing, or if the handrails and seats were disinfected prior to  your using them. No more fretting over viral load, airborne variants, and other such pandemic-related  fears. 

Yes; having your own car comes with the practical perks of a protected place, but there is likewise a  sanity-saving side to it. Aside from the essential uses, there are a number of ways your car can help  to relieve stress. For all the perils and pitfalls of today’s world, there are still pleasures that you can  enjoy: “drive and dine” adventures, road trips with the family, and other such outings.  

Indeed there’s no two ways about it: having a car is no longer a lofty luxury, nowadays—it has  become an inarguable necessity. But, for many Filipinos, owning a vehicle may still be out of reach.  

BDO Auto Loan is here to help with that.

BDO Autoloan

Mobility, made easy 

BDO understands the need for car ownership, these days, more than ever. And the bank also realizes  that buying a car should be easy, affordable and within reach. 

With low rates, flexible payment terms, and fast loan processing, BDO Auto Loan makes it easy to gain your mobility and heighten your safety amidst the pandemic. The BDO Auto Loan Calculator also  allows you to compute for a loan package, so you have a general idea on the monthly amortizationBDO makes it even more convenient to apply for an auto loan without having to visit a physical branch (though you may do that as well). 

Interested in making the move towards mobility, today? Check out what you need for your BDO Auto   Loan application ( https://www.bdo.com.ph/personal/loans/auto-loan/overview), and drive away  with your peace of mind, revved up for all that life has in store. Because a pandemic can’t and  shouldn’t stop you from living your best life, yet. 

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