Toktok celebrates its 1st anniversary

Co-Founder/CEO, Jonathan So and Co-Founder/CFO, Carlito Macadangdang during the toktok 1st anniversary presscon.

When pandemic brought the world down affecting each and every household, all basic essentials were limited and the demand for online delivery services skyrocketed. Cloud Panda Ph, an IT development company and sister company of Siomai King, Coppermask and JC innovated its own to give support to the rest of the conglomerate to ease their logistic demand, with their founders, Carlito Macadangdang and Jonathan So at the helm of it.

Seeing this as a help to fill the gap in the delivery service and an opportunity to provide alternative source of income specially to those who were affected by the crisis, Macadangdang and So launched it last December 8, 2020 in Metro Manila and after three months, it was launched nationwide. Starting with 100 riders, it grew to thousands.

Last April, it started its partnership with SM Malls and eventually with Robinson’s Malls and now Mega Q Mart for its Pabili Service. It also added 4 wheel delivery service that includes sedans, vans and trucks in its options.

Co-Founder/CEO, Jonathan So and Co-Founder/CFO, Carlito Macadangdang during the toktok 1st anniversary presscon.

Today’s game changer in the field of delivery service industry, toktok is offering a safer and reliable way of delivering your packages with an affordable rate and you can also book multiple deliveries simultaneously.

What makes toktok unique from its competitors? Its business model makes it possible for anybody to earn extra. One can be an operator and manage their own fleet of riders and earn 7% of the delivery fee, by becoming an online franchisee, 3% of the delivery fee can be earned in every use of their ID Number.

Initially a delivery app, toktok offered more by opening its online mall, toktokmall, last June and now has over 80 merchants and toktokfood has started its campaign for merchants last October. In the next few months, toktok will be launching several more services making it a one-stop-app. Easy to navigate and hassle-free, customers can place their deliveries, needs and cravings with just a few taps.

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