Businesses need to enable employees to connect and work anytime, anywhere

Businesses need to enable employees to connect and work anytime, anywhere

/ 05:08 PM July 28, 2021

Remote work is not a new trend in business. For some, the remote work setup was a response to the heavy traffic that has eaten up a huge chunk of employees’ time in the past.  But the work-from-home concept became widely accepted by many businesses due to the lockdowns and quarantines resulting from the global health crisis. Companies were left with no choice but to adapt to such a work set-up to keep the business alive.

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Experts said economic recovery from the pandemic could take years, and businesses needed to continue to transform and embrace the concept of remote work until it was safe for everyone to go back to the workplace collectively.

Last year, allowing employees to work remotely was the coping mechanism of businesses to mitigate the impact of the pandemic on their operations. But today, companies have recognized the potential and benefits of working remotely. Most companies continue to allow the work-from-home set-up, at least until the global health crisis is entirely over.

Experts conducted several surveys on the shift to remote work. The surveys showed that most employees preferred the convenience of remote work or a hybrid workplace. The study showed that productivity increased in a remote work setting and was improved than in an office setting. In addition, job seekers today consider the flexible options of working as a key factor for new career opportunities. 

Today’s workforce is composed of Millennials and Gen-Z, the so-called “digital natives.” This generation grew up on technology and witnessed how it has evolved. They also know the conveniences it offers, thus the demand for a more flexible and innovative approach to working. But the pandemic presented the opportunity of flexibility and work-life balance, which digital natives have always hoped for. To sustain one’s business in the future and retain and attract the best talents, this is one-factor businesses should consider—developing a new work culture and meeting the demands of today’s workforce.

One of the biggest drivers for remote work to be efficient and productive is integrating technologies in operations, especially if one’s business mostly has digital natives as employees. Most of the workplace today has moved away from the “traditional approach” of business processes. They invest in process and system automation, cloud storage for more manageable and secured data access and sharing, mobility devices to allow employees to work anywhere, software and programs for collaboration, communication, and productivity to provide a better experience for employees and customers. The goal is to enable employees to connect and work anytime, anywhere.

During the coping phase of the pandemic last year, businesses were left to navigate ways to outlive the challenges and impact of the pandemic. Eventually, companies learned what worked and what did not. 

Today, it seems like remote work is one advantage that employers can offer employees and job seekers.

“I think that even in a post-pandemic world, remote work will remain the standard practice in most businesses. They realized the capabilities of what it does to their business when disruption occurs and the experience it provides to their employees. After all, one of the most important things for businesses to succeed, especially in this situation, is considering a positive employee experience,” said Bong M. Paloma, AMTI’s EVP for Technology, Sales, and Marketing. 

AMTI, together with Acer, provides companies with a wide variety of powerful devices that enable your business to go on and your workforce to be connected, secured, and productive wherever work takes them.

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