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The perks of a premium development

It’s a fact of life: money doesn’t always last.

Considering inflation and the uncertainty of the future, storing all your money in one place may not be the best decision. It might get lost or worse, it might lose its value over time. Your millions of cash today may just be the loose change of tomorrow. As a wiser move, why not place your money in something that will last longer?

Real estate, for instance, has always proven to be a dependable investment. More often than not, the value of properties continues to remain stable even during a recession.


This is particularly true for those that exhibit desirable features: prime location, exemplary architectural design and a trustworthy developer. Properties with such characteristics are considered the cream of the crop. While they often come with a hefty price tag, the long term returns more than make up for it.


So if you’re looking to make your money last, try looking into real estate investment. And if you’re looking to grow your investment, choose a property based on its desirable features and its unique offerings. Read on to discover why premium properties are worth a look and how they offer prime returns for life.

The Empress in Capitol Commons offers first-class amenities such as this children’s playroom

Serves needs beyond the basics

Whether in times of prosperity or poverty, man’s basic needs remain the same: food, shelter, sleep, water and breathable air. These elements are essential to the survival of any person. Investing in a business that can provide one of these essentials is usually stable. But what if you can meet all these needs and offer a lot more in terms of experiences?

Premium developments have been designed to go beyond our most basic needs. While most homes can provide the essentials, those that elevate living standards make daily lives more enjoyable. These properties go beyond the basics to offer comfort and convenience, things that may appear extravagant at first but are actually life-saving in the long run.

For example, The Galleon by Ortigas Land combines residential, office and retail spaces in one vertical community.

This development not only allows its users to have everything within their reach, it also gives them more time to enjoy life rather than spend it sitting in traffic. Its spaces are designed to provide tranquil and relaxing experiences even in the middle of a bustling city.

Located in the heart of Ortigas Center, this up-and-coming project is strategically situated near numerous schools, office buildings and BPO centers.


With its mixed-use nature and prime location, it is poised to receive a strong rental market among urban dwellers, foreign businessmen and even millennial employees. While The Galleon meets basic human needs, it has been designed to make living an enjoyable and exciting affair.

The Imperium in Capitol Commons does not compromise on space or views, with only four residential units per floor

Outperforms bonds and stocks

Whenever our country hits an economic bump, many stock and bond investors become nervous. This is not usually the case with real estate investors. While the stock market can fall significantly during times of hardships, the price of property rentals aren’t as quick to drop. According to Jason Laux, adviser at the South American company Synergy Group, “Consistency of the yield is what makes real estate investments more suited for riding out a recession.”

Annual renewal of leases allow landlords to adjust rental rates based on inflation. When times are difficult, properties are often sold with better payment terms. When times are good, these same properties can sell for more than their original prices. In between, owners can rent out these spaces to gain passive income. Real estate investors can make money off their properties all year round, especially when these assets are well-designed and strategically located. While stocks and bonds are heavily affected by economic factors, properties are relatively more stable.

Moreover, properties that respond to current demands appeal to the market. To exemplify, the Empress by Ortigas Land offers contactless technology inside each unit, a feature that befits today’s standards in the new normal.

This offering allows residents to control the unit’s temperature, lighting, security and utilities via an app, thus reducing the risk of viral transmission. With such a feature that meets today’s demands, it makes the project more appealing to possible tenants, thus improving the lessor’s chances of renting out spaces even in the pandemic era.

The Galleon in Ortigas Center takes the concept of mixed-use developments to greater heights.

Provides exceptional experiences

With a luxury property, you aren’t just investing in a piece of real estate. You are enabling yourself to live a certain lifestyle that makes the most out of life. If you’re planning to rent out units, you’re actually leasing out opportunities for people to enjoy this kind of living standard.

This exceptional experience doesn’t fluctuate with our country’s economic climate. If you’re aiming for stability, premium properties set you up for life because the living standards remain constant under any economic climate.

Luxury real estate projects are the cream of the crop for a reason. They give you generous spaces, lush surroundings, first-class amenities and extraordinary security.

The Imperium at Capitol Commons, for example, provides exclusivity to its residents with its low-density design. Only four living units are accommodated per floor, thus giving each resident unparalleled views and the luxury of space. Rarely can you get a unit in the city that exceeds 100 sqm in floor area and doesn’t compromise on amenities as well. This kind of exceptional experience is a luxury in itself. Owning a piece of this property is like owning a piece of rare treasure.

Allows you to maximize your life

Whether you’re looking to grow or to enjoy your money, real estate remains a reliable and stable investment.

Even if the economy fluctuates, it is constant, with rent prices rarely changing and living experiences unvarying. Premium properties, in particular, can set you up with the best kind of living standards that will always remain attractive to those looking to meet more than their basic survival needs.

If you’re in the market at the moment looking for a premium property, consider partnering with a real estate developer that has decades’ worth of solid experience in the industry.

A partner like Ortigas Land will always give you the best kind of living standards, in the worst or best of times.

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