Builderall Review: Excellent Commission Potential With Builderall Affiliate Program

Builderall Review: Excellent Commission Potential With Builderall Affiliate Program

06:55 AM February 13, 2019


During the platform’s initial growth phase, their goal was to “transform the world through entrepreneurship using digital marketing as a tool.”

Fast forward a couple years and Builderall has met their goal and are helping companies all over the world generate real online results.


  • Build a legitimate online business
  • Create a website, e-commerce store, blog, webinars, and sales funnels
  • Fully automate your processes
  • Build your clientele base
  • Sell more products and/or services and grow your business

A long story short, Builderall is the one-stop shop of digital marketing tools. It is the most complete marketing platform available online. If you are an entrepreneur or digital nomad where all of your business is web-based, Builderall is the perfect complement to your business.

Builderall offers 3 packages for you to choose from, but we believe the only one to go with is their Builderall Business package. Why? Because if you are already well-versed in digital marketing, you can benefit heavily from the Builderall Affiliate Program! We will touch more on this later.


For now, let’s get into the review.


1. Drag and Drop Site Builder: This is an HTML5 run website, blog, sales funnel and membership site builder that allows you to create unique user experiences based on visitors’ device type: desktop, tablet or mobile. The website features content that is incredibly easy for search engines to crawl (read) and understand, thus making it search engine friendly. In addition to this, it can be used in making infographics, advertising graphics, blog header designs, business cards, eBook covers, Facebook covers, flyers, Google+ headers, Kindle covers, Pinterest designs, resume designs, Twitter covers and several others.

2. Responsive Builder: This is a builder that crafts websites and blogs to provide an optimal viewing experience, making it completely responsive. More so, it is super search engine friendly.

3. App Creator: This is a complete structure which can be used in building, modifying, and publishing mobile apps. With the App Creator, it is possible to publish apps on all platforms, and when you use their own accounts, this can be done without any charges. To make money off these published apps, you will need to get a personal Apple, Play and Amazon app accounts.

4. Mailing Boss: This is an automatic email responder and marketing automation tool, inclusive of unlimited subscribers and unlimited sending quota!

5. Design Studio: This presents tools necessary for the addition of images or videos into specific areas of an image including a TV screen, picture frame, mobile screen or any area you like. Additionally, it allows you to upload personal image/video holders and also presents you with the option of deciding the screen area where you want your image or video to be visible.

6. Presentations Builder: This can be leveraged in the making of slideshow presentations of expert quality for businesses. Presentations Builder has features that are much the same as PowerPoint, but presents you with several other options to select from.

7. Animated Videos Tool: This tool can be used in the creation of full animated videos. Also, you can include text, animated pictures, pictures, sound and several other effects using this tool.

8. The Floating Video (HTML or Flash): This tool aids you in uploading videos that were created from a green screen or the same color background, but make visible only the object in front of the background, just like Alex on the welcome page of Builderall.

9. Facebook Inbox Answer: This tool gives automated answers and replies to comments. It can be used to engage your audience in areas where you’d like.

10. Browser Notifications: Allows you to set up browser notifications and schedule push notifications to users that have accepted, even if they are not currently on your site.

11. On-page SEO Tool: This SEO tool evaluates every section of your search engine optimization, awards points to areas that are flourishing, and shows you where work needs to be done. All you have to do is type in a keyword and website that you intend to rank.

12. Click Map: This is a real-time heat map that indicates areas of your website that people are most interested in, i.e. areas that got the most clicks.

13. Reviews Exchange: This tool allows you to place a user submitted review box on your website. The other strong use case for this is as a live chat box for webinars. This is a powerful tool for SEO as the “SEO juice” goes directly to your site from the comments. With other comment box providers such as Facebook or Disquis, the SEO juice goes to Facebook or Disquis.

14. Sharelocker App: This tool aids you in making some areas of your website inaccessible to users until they click the share button. This way, users are locked out of the original content until they share the content to others, consequently growing your audience organically.

15. Script Generator: This very efficient tool can be used in making outstanding copy for your sales letters or pages, webinars, videos, emails and so on. With this tool, you can single out your avatar. It also indicates the advantages of your product or services and what tweaks need to be implemented on your avatar to improve your sales.

16. Intuitive Templates: Can be used in the creation of an infinite number of floating videos which will give you an edge over your competitors and encourage your visitors to re-visit. Also, this tool will engage your visitors and will increase the time that they spend on your site.

17. Video Editor: This all-efficient tool aids in the creation of illustrative videos or professional sales letters (aka video sales letters) which is obviously more engaging and will lead to more sales as compared to a generic copy.

18. Images in 360: Super tool that produces 3D images of your products which engages your visitors and converts more and more sales. This user-friendly tool can be found right within the Builderall platform.

19. Mockups and design studio: Allows you to create stunning pictures for your website, products, eBooks and courses. You can also create very engaging content on your social networks or blogs.

20. Builderall Business: This aids you in making money off their affiliate program. With Builderall Business, everything needed to spread the word about Builderall will be provided to help you earn revenue as an affiliate.


This deal offers; creation of unlimited websites, blogs and stores. Reach out to unlimited subscribers with unlimited mailing, link unlimited pages to their Chabot, with unlimited flows, sequences and broadcasts and send them out to unlimited subscribers.

Host unlimited websites with us, unlimited subdomains, contacts and push notifications to your visitors, with an unlimited bandwidth and traffic to your site.

Time is running out! This amazing offer will be off the table soon. Remember the Aweber deal that was offered 10,000 subs for $15 initially upon launching? That same deal costs over $150 which is up to ten times the former cost. Sign up on time and grab this offer while it’s still available, for the betterment of you and your audience.

Utilize Builderall’s pre-built templates for your sites, emails, mobile apps, and invest your precious time in scaling other aspects of your business.

Totally evade all the stress of having to try out different methods to get better search engine rankings by using the integrated SEO tool which gives you all the information that you need to easily rank your site.

Eliminate all the guesswork about the aspects of your site that visitors are interested or not interested in by using the built in heatmap tool that is exclusive to Builderall users to ascertain the particular areas of your site that gets the most clicks.

The app creator will keep your cash in your pocket, as it will allow you to easily and efficiently build your own mobile apps without any knowledge of coding.
You can also save several hours of your valuable time with a large number of infographics, social media, banner, Kindle and eBook templates which can be modified to your taste, all available in our all-powerful editor.
The best part of being a part of the Builderall family is that you can also earn revenue from promotions that converts to sales. Why should you sign up for the Builderall affiliate program?


Builderall left everyone in awe in 2017, when it quickly rose to the number 1 spot in sales on Jvzoo and maintained a great record and stayed in the ranks of the highest performers throughout the course of that year. Up until the global rollout, they were referred to as the OMB100 in Brazil.

As an affiliate, you get 100% commissions on every product, and 30% in the months that follow. Additionally, you earn 30% on your second tier.

  • In total, they have paid more than one million in commissions
  • Over 40,000 active users are currently on the ‘payroll’
  • They are in the same ranks as Wix that have above 110 million users and amassed over 40,000 users every day
  • They are prominent in an interminable niche (web hosting)
  • Gained lots of interest from potential users and provide first-class quality services
  • They are a firm source of recurring income
  • They provide a complete professional marketing system
  • They have an existing community and leadership which is functional
  • They are not a well-known company because they carry out little to no advertisements, so it presents a great opportunity for affiliates
  • They are a great and cost-effective investment that provides all the essential tools to their users at an incredibly lower cost as compared to their competitors

The best part of Builderall is the VALUE. For a complete marketing system similar to Builderall’s tools, you would spend anywhere for $500-$1000 a month on separate services!

Do yourself some good today, sign up as an affiliate!


Builderall provides entrepreneurs and businesses with all the necessary tools to upsell their businesses using the most efficient digital online business builder and marketing platform available on the internet.

In our world today, digital marketing and online presence plays a significant role in the success of a business. Regardless of the size of the business, whether it’s a multi-chain store or a small-scale business, every entrepreneur with an intent to grow in business must find a means to manage a great online presence, marketing, and sales process. On the other hand, taking care of all these aspects of sales and still making your product available on demand can leave you burned out and frustrated.

With a full consideration of this point, Builderall has put together an all-inclusive digital marketing platform for you. Using this efficient tool, you can easily implement your ideas, attract more customers to your business, reach out to an unlimited number of people at the same time, sell your products, and a lot more. All these would be done in a timely-fashion.

Buiderall offers you the option of beginning with a simple test website, and then developing it into a great space using the most efficient and powerful sales funnel with a lot of great features. For this reason and several other amazing perks, Builderall is the ultimate solution for small-scale businesses that are thirsty for growth, services providers that want more, professional digital marketers, designers, web agencies, coaches, networking professionals and several other experts that want more out of their business.


Builderall’s team of programmers have invested beyond seven years and countless hours in putting together an accurate and user-friendly professional websites and page builder which is very relatable and can be used by virtually everyone. Kickstart your journey to be a better entrepreneur today by creating a website, blog, store or professional page with ease using the most amazing visual effects and features. Conquer all your limits and surpass your imagination by leveraging on the only 100% Responsive Drag-and-Drop Builder in the world.

Surpass your competitors, build more than a website BUILD A BUSINESS

Builderall converts your website into a better space, and ultimately a perfect business. Effortlessly create professional virtual stores inclusive of stock control or unique sales pages. Also, you can earn more income and become financially stable by earning continuous payments and or including different levels of access to your membership area.


For better conversion, your website needs to catch the eye, be a little flexible, and have an impressive look. With Builderall, you have all the tools that you need to produce a dynamic website. Our feature-packed smart system offers you with animations, countdown and evergreen timers, parallax effects, scrolling and time intent pop-ups, contact and registration forms, and other amazing features. Additionally, you can optimize the search tools on every web-page, and whatever device your website is visited with, it adapts to the environment.


The primary goal of every business is to earn money, and with the impressive funnel system that Buiderall offers, you can quickly multiply your internet sales. We offer over 20 templates and blueprints of expert sales funnels alongside tutorials, which you can easily modify to suit the specifics of your business, and start making more money right after. Additionally, we make available a wide range of options, integrations and checkout possibilities such as transparent, 2-step or 3-step checkout. Upsells, downsells, or bump-sells and conditional products can be incorporated at checkout as well.


The speed of your website is sometimes the determining factor as to whether or not you make a sale. Everyone is looking to get the best service possible, so you don’t want a website that loads up slowly. Therefore, Builderall has put in a lot of work to make sure that t provides its users with a platform that loads up speedily. Owed to our website publishing technology and our Dedicated servers network spread in five different continents (CDN), your webpage will load up with great speed, regardless of the location of the user.


Being fully aware that our ability to make better business-related decisions depends on how much we know, Builderall provides powerful analytics for the evaluation of your website. From the knowledge that is gained from this analysis, you can make informed decisions to improve sales. Using the A/B test, you can discover the exact sales page that converts the most sales, which webpage is the most attractive, and which areas get the highest clicks by users.


Expert digital marketers and entrepreneurs that intend to achieve maximum results from their campaigns understand how important it is to have the Facebook Pixel and Google Remarketing script incorporated on their website or sales funnel. Just with a few clicks and under one minute, you can keep track of your website’s visitors using our 100% ready system.


Email marketing is the ultimate live wire of digital marketing, and the means by which many internet businesses thrive. Using this technique, you keep in touch with potential buyers at will. Also, the entire process can be automated, and by doing this, you can makes sales without having to raise a finger. Using Builderall, you can effortlessly produce email campaigns and sequences that replies to your potential buyers according to their actions. Also, with Builderall, you can send out countless emails to an unlimited number of customers.


Creating a professional email marketing automation can be very frustrating and time intensive, but using Builderall, the task becomes way easier, and just with a few clicks here and there, you’d be good to go. Leveraging Bulderall’s impressive drag and drop system, you can practically produce seamless sales machines with multiple triggers and also import and export the tools amongst other platform users.


With the Buiderall webinar application, you can make more sales, which translates to a better business for you. They offer an impressive webinar application that allows you to create a webinar in no time. This webinar application is incorporated with email systems, page builders, and video tools. All the professional tools necessary for the creation of an interactive feature-packed webinar integrated with streaming options, screen sharing, webinar recording, and several others, are provided by Builderall. You can increase your sales and take your business to new levels irrespective of the type of business you do.


Undoubtedly, using a Chatbot for automated responses can engage your leads and has proved to be a great online sales machine. A Facebook Messenger Chatbot can be created and pre-programmed to hold a full conversation with your client and even convert sales by leading them to a sale, promotion, event page and so on…


You can create as many courses as possible for your visitors using our all and encompassing virtual learning platform. Builderall offers servers with extra security for the presentation of your videos. Also, you can include triggers which forces students to watch the videos to the end before the next video becomes accessible. Answer questions, attach files, and apply quizzes. All of these can be done effortlessly with our professional e-learning platform.


Using the amazing photo editor and design studio, you can create impressive images for your products, website, eBooks, and courses, improving the quality of your internet space and making it more attractive and engaging. The tool can also help in making amazing videos to share. The most impressive feature of this tool is its ability to create mockups using personal pictures, and by doing this, your website becomes more eye-catching to visitors.


It goes without saying that great content attracts more customers. Using Buiderall, you can create fantastic 3D images for your products that will wow your visitors, make them revisit, and ultimately lead to more conversions. This tool can be operated easily. There’s no need to invest your money in costly and sophisticated applications, Builderall is the one-stop app, and has all your professional design needs covered.


With Builderall’s animated video editor, you can make changes to your videos before sharing them. Using this great tool, you can create illustrative videos or letters of professional sale (VSL) on video.  Also, you can make your own avatar or make use of the many characters that are offered. Leverage on this amazing tool to improve your sales. After editing, download the produced videos and publish them on your desired channels.


This incredible feature is exclusive to only Builderall. With Builderall, you are able to create as many floating videos as you want. You can set yourself apart from others by using this innovative communication tool. Floated videos are there to grab the attention of your visitors and try as much as possible to pass the intended message across. Once you begin to make use of this tool, the number of conversions it will bring will surprise you.


Think of how amazing it will be to be able to contact a prospective buyer with a notification system integrated in the Builderall’s platform other than through Facebook or email. Having recorded a lot of open rates, event promotions, new videos, blog posts or even Facebook Lives can be used in promotion. This is a great and highly efficient tool, which makes it one of the best ways to reach out to your prospects.


Generally in online business, more traffic equals more success. Pages of your website can be blocked from public view using the Share Locker until the user shares the page on their social media profile; generating the all valuable organic viral buzz. When this tool was launched, a user utilized the Share Locker tool to promote a new job posting. He was able to produce upwards of 400 shares of his job and received more than 500 resumes! If you want to go viral, you need to use this tool!


Copywriting is the art of generating sales with your writing. There is a huge need to include some copywriting strategies on both your sales and capture page, as well as your email content, sales videos, and so on. Writing sales copy that produces conversions is a bit of a challenge, and hiring a professional copy writer is extremely expensive. Using Script Generator, we have made a tool to aid in the creation of amazing copy that can be used for sales letters, webinars, videos, emails, and so on. Using this simple tool, your avatar is identified, and after that, the tool will indicate the advantages of your product, and what is lacking in your avatar to make more sales. By doing this, you can create unique, yet dynamic copy that will increase your sales. This tool is only available in English for now.


Social proofing is an incredible way of gaining influence online. There is a feeling of comfort that consumers experience when buying goods or services that are trusted by other consumers. With this knowledge, Builderall employs the best social proofing application that will lead to more conversions and great outcomes. This application allows the current buyer to see the recent activity of the previous buyer on the sales or checkout pages. This way, the intended buyer feels a lot more comfortable in making the purchase, and you are able to gain the trust of the new buyer because of the previous sale. Builderall offers this tool on an unlimited basis for you to gain trust, build authority, and generate more sales.


Digital marketers or entrepreneurs success through internet sales is highly dependent on how they strategize and utilize sales funnels. The importance of a great sales funnel cannot be overemphasized. A good sales funnel can attract a bigger audience, and lead to more conversions. In spite of their significance in digital marketing, it can be very taxing to create a good sales funnel for your business. Having considering all these points, Builderall has pre-produced over 20 sales funnels in one system which are just waiting to be used. All you need to do is to modify it and input your unique information and what your services offer. The entire set-up can be done in a matter of minutes, and owed to its user-friendly nature, it is incredibly easy to complete.


If you’re going to be a successful online entrepreneur, the requirements are not so enormous, but then again, you need more than sheer tools. You need a community, professional training, and networking, and for this reason, we have put in place a Builderall business community. This online space will serve as a forum for entrepreneurs to relate with each other, learn, share valuable information and ultimately, grow.  Our members have put together great and professional training, content, and courses which are exclusive to only fellow community members. Immediately after you sign up for a Buildrall Business account, you will get instant access to the community. In addition to this, Erick Salgado, the mastermind behind the wonderful idea of Builderall offers exclusive trainings in the community, this only applies to Builderall Business account holders.


Our amazing coupon system produced by Builderall with the sole aim of increasing your conversions on sales pages or virtual stores. In case you are already in the Amazon Affiliate Program, you can offer discount coupon products to people that subscribe to your list using our exclusive system. By doing this, you can make sales, and still gain a potential buyer for future sales. Additionally, our systems disables the sharing of pages that contain the coupons. You can employ a lucky wheel to give users access to registration for several other discounts or raffle off coupons. Consequently, you will attract more customers with captivating, engaging offers which will eventually lead to more sales.


Builderall ranks as one of the best digital marketing programs that offers a total package. Given, you may think it’s too good to be true when you see it initially, but it is indeed very real. For ease of access, we have provided you with several support options to make your navigation through Builderall incredibly easy and successful.

  • Quick training
  • Tutorial videos
  • Facebook support group
  • Support through the ticket system
  • Tutorials on-demand
  • Certified partners


At this point, it is clear how Builderall has reformed digital marketing in its entirety, by providing a feature-packed product, which is of great quality, great value, and is reasonably priced. If you see the potential of this amazing product, and what positive effects it can make on your business, as well as the potential growth our business and become more influential in our niche, then we need you to help enlarge our business as well as yours.

Once you register as a Builderall Business member, you automatically become an affiliate. This means that all the necessary information and tools needed to spread the word about the Builderall platform is given to you and in turn, you will earn commissions for every successful conversion. We have an already established, and functional business that can help you earn while you grow your own business.

Did you enjoy our Builderall review? Take a closer look for yourself here!

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