Adulting 101: What you need to do now

Time flies, and before you know it, the future you’ve been meticulously planning for (hopefully!) is already here.

So, don’t be left behind and ensure that you’re on top of your game—money wise—with these simple and practical tips.

Concretize your financial goals. Know what you want to achieve and work your way towards it. Write down all your plans and review it regularly to keep you on track and focused on your end goal.

Live below your means. Simply put, spend less than you earn and save the difference. Remember, you don’t have to spend every peso of your paycheck… just because you can and it’s easy enough to do. The more savings you have, the more stable your future will be.

Always think long term. Making a quick buck is tempting but isn’t always the right choice. Go for the investment option that will yield the better outcome for you, even if it’ll take longer to realize.

Take care of your credit score. Make sure to pay-off all your financial obligations, whether it be for a credit card or loan, in a timely manner. Your credit score will definitely have an impact on your future investments.

Start thinking about retirement. No, it’s never too early to do this—even if you’re just in your 20’s. The more prepared you are, the less stressed and frazzled you’ll be in your later years.

The Home You’ve Always Wanted

Probably one of the most rewarding investments you’ll ever make in this lifetime—and one that will secure your future—is buying a home that you can truly call your own.

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