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Balance in the ‘jungle’

Expert surge urban dwellers tode-stress, settle in sanctuary
03:23 PM October 22, 2016

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There are probably a million and one reasons why living in a highly urbanized city seems so appealing. People nowadays are, after all, more accustomed to enjoying modern day conveniences, and having easy access to everything in an instant.

More individuals, particularly the career-oriented ones, are also inclined to be at the center of the action, be near where they work, and smack at the heart of a bright and bustling cityscape.


Unfortunately, such a lifestyle could become highly taxing and stressful for an individual, and could well take a toll on one’s health and wellbeing.


For some, the highly competitive urban jungle has become their playground, forcing them to work even on days that they should be resting. There are also those who push themselves to the edge just so they can do their job and at the same time fulfill their social or family obligations.

Others meanwhile have been so accustomed to the comfort that they no longer see the need to move around or flex a muscle, thus giving way to an unhealthy, sedentary lifestyle. While such a way of life may seem easy and relaxing, it could, in the end, also lead to stress, sickness, and burnout.

Healthy balance

Medical experts have long claimed that a well-balanced life should be a combination of many factors. They suggest that individuals in today’s highly competitive world must learn to take a step back, breathe, and just give their mind and body enough time to recover and recharge.

Stress, according to experts, is one of the leading factors why many feel sick, depressed and unhappy. This state of mental tension is often caused by too much worrying about problems in one’s life, relationship, and work. It is something that creates intense feelings of fear, anxiety, and pressure.

Medical expert Dr. Rafael Castillo pointed out that stress could gravely affect one’s quality of life and this is often felt by people who are part of the highly urbanized city where competition is great, and success is often the measure of one’s worth.


Quality of life

“One’s quality of life is affected by stress. Stress can make one dysfunctional, and the more severe or intense the pressure is, the more dysfunctional one gets; meaning, one cannot effectively do the things he’s expected to do at work, home or school,” renowned cardiologist Dr. Rafael Castillo said in an interview.

“Because of severe stress, one’s enjoyment of life and leisure is also affected. One may afford all the luxuries in life, but when one is under severe stress, he can’t enjoy these luxuries,” Dr. Castillo further noted.

It is, therefore, necessary for people to regularly take a breather and treat themselves to some pampering. For others, it would be better if they could settle in a place where they could enjoy the same modern day conveniences that can be had when living at the heart of a bustling business district sans the stress of the urban jungle.

After all, some factors can contribute to one’s state of mind and physical being. And most of these factors, according to Dr. Castillo, are brought about by the cutthroat competition, increased standard of living, and even traffic.

“It can be stress at work, school and home. Problems or challenges that are beyond one’s control are usually stressful. This includes conflicts at work or home, relationship problems, financial problems, burnout at work, and even physical ailments,” Dr. Castillo said.

stress free

Managing stress

A simple relaxation or destressing activity can sometimes do the trick. “Managing stress requires a positive mindset and a healthy response to stressful situations. It’s not the stressor which is the problem, but how one responds to stress,” Dr. Castillo related. “Having enough rest and sleep, having a hobby and sports, smoking avoidance, regular exercise, a cheerful attitude, prayer, and meditation—all these can help neutralize stress.”

But it can be more efficient as well if the individual gets to settle in a serene place that they consider as their sanctuary. Moving to such place does not necessarily mean that you would have to give up life’s comfort and conveniences.

One needs just to look for a home that could provide you that comforting warmth, rejuvenating environment. Fortunately, some developers value such a proposition, choosing instead to put up their projects in areas where residents can find natural respite and refuge.

One developer is Empire East Land Holdings Inc., which is highly regarded for their innovative developments and unique approach to home development.

For Empire East, it is always all about providing the right balance: a place where one can rest and rejuvenate, but where all conveniences are also right within one’s reach.

The company is well aware that for one to thrive and emerge as a true winner in today’s highly competitive arena, there must be a balance to everything.

Thus in all of its developments, Empire East makes sure that the homeowners’ “chakras” will remain intact as they would instead find only peace, comfort, and satisfaction.

Perfect alternative

This mantra is highly evident in Empire East’s Mango Tree Residences.

A premium property strategically located along Paterno corner Ledesma Streets in San Juan City, this development offers easy access to various establishments, offices, and institutions. It also reduces the need for one to frequently travel far, thus helping cut down one’s carbon footprint.

This high- rise condominium— with its impressive façade and structurally sound, world- class development— will allow its residents to enjoy a slice of their paradise as it is set amid lush, landscaped gardens filled with mango trees, thus making it the perfect alternative location for any homeowner.

And with its Italian-inspired design, the Mango Tree Residences offers its future residents an oldworld charm sans the cost of traveling to picturesque locations outside the metro. What further makes this development highly ideal for people who want to take a break from the hustle and bustle of the city is the peace and serenity that it will soon afford future homeowners.

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What’s more, Mango Tree Residences features useful amenities and facilities that would make one’s life truly convenient and relaxed without harming the environment.

After all, this project was developed with great consideration to the conservation and preservation of the surrounding environs.

As such, future homeowners will surely find a valid and reliable partner in Empire East, which continues to exhaust all means to ensure an environment-friendly community for its residents. ADVT

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