BOC won’t meet collection target for 2013 due to slow imports–Biazon


10:49 PM July 23rd, 2013


Customs Commissioner Rozzano Rufino B. Biazon. RYAN LEAGOGO/

MANILA, Philippines—Embattled Customs Commissioner Rozzano Rufino Biazon admitted on Tuesday, that the Bureau of Customs, which took a beating during the President’s latest State of the Nation Address due to its failure to curb corruption and smuggling, would miss its revenue collection target for 2013.

Biazon, who tried resigning from his post immediately after the SONA held Monday afternoon, said weaker-than-expected merchandise imports by the country has caused a drag on revenue collection by the BOC so far in 2013.

In the belief imports would not significantly recover in the coming months, Biazon said the BOC’s revenue collection target might no longer be attainable.

For 2013, the BOC is tasked to collect P340 billion in import taxes and duties. The latest target was less than the original P397 billion set earlier in the year. Despite the reduction, the BOC thinks the new target is still difficult to achieve given the substantial drop in imports.

“Considering the slowdown of imports, we are not positive on meeting the target,” Biazon told reporters on Tuesday. He said, however, that the BOC might still register an increase in revenue collection from the P289 billion recorded in 2012.

He said this to reporters after he announced in a press conference that he had tendered his resignation, but that President Aquino did not accept the resignation.

Besides anemic imports, Biazon acknowledged that the continuing culture of corruption in the BOC and among private-sector firms that transact business with the government agency have been to blame for its discouraging performance.

In response to criticisms that he had not guts to fire people engaged in corrupt practices in the BOC, Biazon said BOC employees have been fired for bad performance but firing alone would not solve the problem.

He reiterated the proposal to abolish the entire government agency and create a new one that would have a new breed of workers.

The BOC was expecting its latest collection target of P340 billion to be further slashed, but the interagency Development Budget Coordination Committee, in the meeting of its officials held earlier in July, decided to keep all the latest fiscal and macroeconomic targets.

The BOC is the second-biggest revenue earner for the national government next to the Bureau of Internal Revenue.

Despite the collection performance of the BOC, its head agency, the Department of Finance, expects the national government to meet its target of keeping the budget deficit at or below 2 percent of the country’s gross domestic product (GDP) for this year.

Finance officials said rising revenues collection of the BIR and increasing dividends remitted by state-owned firms would help keep the deficit within target.

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  • Edgar Dizon

    BOC should learn from US Customs automated systems. There are no personal contacts with brokers, forwarders, customs bureau personnel. All documentations are system generated from the country of origin bill of lading and declaration providing source of the shipment from the time it leaves port of origin to the time it arrives at BOC. This system will not allow for substitution of documentations. Tariff calculations will be automated based on the declared goods classification and verified by customs code enforcers, payment will be automated triggering release documents from custom’s warehouse.

  • Kuya_Orot

    Biazon must realize his time is up!! He keeps on blaming others for his own shortcomings. He must not wait any further being berated in public like what Budoy did last Monday. A nincompoop just couldn’t read the handwritings in the wall, couldn’t he?? Kapal muks na, BOBO pa.

  • AirJordan

    Abolish and then employ a new breed of people? Lets not blame Biazon, the Bureau or anyone else. Blame our countrymen who have lost all their snese of values. Public or private sector me corruption and its a matter of values o sa prinsipyo ng tao lang ito and sad to say, marami talaga saatin ang wala ng prinsipyo, mapanlamang, mapang abuso, mapanlinlang, etc. Be it in government or private.

  • erine0

    Biazon seems to be living in a separate reality. Akala ko umaangat ang ekomiya ng Pinas? Puro reklamo lang ang maririnig natin sa tao na ito.

  • carlcid

    For the past several months, the Filipino people have heard only whining and excuses from the chief of the Bureau of Customs. While the administration’s economic officials tout higher growth, which inevitably means more inward and outward movement of goods and services, the Customs chief says the opposite. Is the Customs chief contradicting the economic message of higher growth?

    When the Bureau fails to meet its target, the Customs chief recommends to abolish the entire agency.

    When instances of unabated smuggling are publicized, the Customs chief blames politicians and his subordinates.

    Everybody and everything else is to blame, except the person who should be taking personal responsibility and accountability for his agency. Is this the kind of leader Filipinos would like to see? This isn’t a can-do leadership. This is a whining, immature kind of leadership which keeps making excuses regarding its inability to produce results.

  • eight_log

    It just doesn’t add up to the big picture being presented …growth in all sectors!!!! Growth means increased movement of goods >>> export and imports!!!! How come this thick-faced is claiming slow import???? What I see is increased importation with corresponding increase in smuggling!!!!! Yung mga tatanggalin ay magdodouble time sa kapangungurakot para may baon bago umalis!!!!!

  • boybakal

    BOC won’t meet collection target for 2013 due to slow imports–Biazon….

    Importers are not importing anymore either their goods will be confiscated or be charged of smuggling.

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