Mindanao 2012 agri exports exceed $3 B


11:25 AM July 18th, 2013


Minda Chair Luwalhati Antonino. FILE PHOTO

DAVAO CITY, Philippines— Despite the challenges brought about by natural calamities, Mindanao exported more than $3 billion in agricultural products in 2012, accounting for 60 percent of the country’s total agricultural exports, the Mindanao Development Authority (Minda) reported on Thursday.

Minda chair Luwalhati Antonino said the 16.7 percent export growth posted by Mindanao was more than double the 7.6 percent growth in exports posted by the whole country.

“Despite the challenges brought about by natural calamities, Mindanao managed to post positive international trade growth, an indication of the region’s strength and resilience,” Antonino said.

But it was not yet clear whether the figures took into account the losses inflicted by Typhoon Pablo in December 4 of last year. Some 3.5 million coconut trees were felled by the typhoon in Davao Oriental.

Antonino, in a statement, said Mindanao’s prospects for exports remain bright, with the emerging popularity of agri-based products such as cacao, coco sugar and coco water now beginning to attract international markets.

“Coconut copra and palm kernel remained as the top export products of the island-region last year, cornering almost US$1 billion, or 21.26 percent of Mindanao’s total exports,” Antonino said.

Since 2010, coconut has also consistently surpassed banana, the traditional export winner from Mindanao, she added.

The bulk of Mindanao’s coconut exports went to United States, Mindanao’s largest export market.

Banana exports, mostly from Southern Mindanao, made up 14.94 percent of Mindanao’s total exports last year; while other export products such as nickel ore, fruits, nuts, and semi-processed fish also registered positive growth.

To further boost exports, the Philippine Exporters Confederation (Philexport) is organizing the first Mindanao Exporters Congress next month to keep Mindanao exporters abreast with global trends.

“As Mindanao positions itself as a top player in processed food exports, we want to sustain the region’s performance, particularly for its agri-based products,” said Ferdinand Marañon, President of PhilExport XI.

“This congress also provides the venue for our exporters to share industry trends and technological innovations,” he said.

Over 400 players in the export industry chain, including farmers, producers, food processors, service provides, manufacturers, and government officials, are expected to join the event slated at the SMX Convention Center in Davao City on August 1-3.

Maranon said Mindanao offers immense growth potential in agriculture, with the region fast becoming the country’s food basket and agri-processing hub.

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  • Nic Legaspi

    Definitely good news from Mindanao! Now let’s just work on getting rid of the rebels and turn the island into our country’s new investment destination.

  • LV_cipher

    There is tremendous potential in Mindanao to perform well economically not just in agricultural sector. However, it seems that the national government continue to consider development plans for this region as low priority. There is an impending power crisis in Mindanao as manifested by the on-going rotational brownout – yet the government has not made any concrete steps to avert such crisis. No manufacturing investors would set up shops in Mindanao unless continuous power supply is guaranteed. Seaports, airports and roads and other infrastructure are also dismal i.e., only suitable for low value goods such as agricultural products – ill equipped to be reliable means to transport high value goods. It is quite unfortunate if the infrastructure bottlenecks are unresolved in the coming few years; likely that the island will be stuck with planting and exporting bananas and coconuts. I have lost hope though that the current administration could transform Mindanao from an agri-based economy to manufacturing/industrial based one. Too little action and too much paralysis, red tape and indecision as exemplified by the non-implementation of the much touted Public-Private Partnership (PPP) projects. Let’s just hope the next administration is better compared to the current one.

  • AlexanderAmproz

    Mindanao well manage should be able to feed 300 millions,
    30 millions Filipinos don’t eat every day, a Cojuengco, Del Monte and Dole land grabbers success.
    The roots of a civil war who left one hundred thousand dead.

    The Philippines is affected by a crazy greed sickness
    while stepping on the head, an up side down country.
    The worst at the top, the good one in jail or cemetery.
    The Manobo’s dumped in mass graves.
    King Consunji and Danding going Ding Dong to the Bank vault
    The income invested on foreign hidden accounts…

    What future left outside pilfering, till when ?

    • uncommonsensibility

      Stay on your medication, Sonny.

      • AlexanderAmproz

        Singson yourself

      • uncommonsensibility

        Breathe deep…and review what you type.


      • AlexanderAmproz

        clean your nose

      • uncommonsensibility

        I suffered a mild stroke reading what you typed out. Terribly inhumane to rant like that but a good example for kids to stay away from drugs.

      • AlexanderAmproz

        I found the information I have about Mindanao in the PDI, many Mindanao trips to Davao, Zambonga, Tawi-Tawi, Cotabato, Isulan/Kulaman/Lebak/Kalamansig Sultan Kudarat, Cagayan de Oro, Camiguin, all in situ informations and testimonies, Filipino Friends at any social levels, even from my former employees used to work in Mindanao Plantations.

        Sadly, about the Manobo’s, 30 years ago, I was there, nearby Ampatuan town, it was very scary, I am happy to have escaped alive from King Victor Consunji massacres.

        In case if you want to do personal research, Campang family in Lebak or the Sinsuat know every details about, but not sure they will speak, maybe also Bey Fatima Sinsuat in QC.

        Your unkind discriminative comments are baseless

      • uncommonsensibility

        First, not to belittle your tragedy but you are taking things away from what Mindanao has achieved.

        Second, I really got the impression that you weren’t sober when you were typing all that down.

        Now you sound like you’re on a warpath against everything that resembles progress in the Philippines.

      • AlexanderAmproz

        Not at all, but I am shocked by the Philippines destructions I have personally observed the last 30 years and I worry of an absolute disaster on the way, no doubt about it.
        I have many good Filipino friends in any social strata, from the wealthiest to the poorest of the poor, and this since 30 years.
        Some are scholars, politicians, lawyers, businessmen, civil servants, Datu, Natives, etc.
        I know too much about the poorest struggling for survival, a social unfairness built up by monster’s, Chinese’s most of the time, used to be US colonial middle men for the country exploitations and devastations, bringing the country where it is now, at the Gates of Hell, it has a lot to do with the Churches wrong and fake teachings on colonial domination purposes, a historical inherited rapist culture.

        Sober always, but I can be busy or tired, to write in English is difficult for me and need concentration not always available, depend of the surrounding.

      • uncommonsensibility

        That’s a terrible thing to say. If there is any historical origin for inequality, it is certainly the mestizos who aren’t getting their fair share of disdain.

        Chinese-Filipinos comprise a huge segment of our economy from finance, trading, services, and manufacturing. How can you so haphazardly adjudge a people, who have historically arrived here far poorer and discriminated only to succeed in so many fields despite their disadvantages?

        By targeting a successful minority with far greater credentials in business you are simply indicating that you despise progress.

        This hate speech, however veiled, is inexcusable.

        I don’t think it is communicating in English that you find difficulty in, as much as trying to make sense. You are blaming everything on everyone else without the requisite introspection about how Filipinos in general, inherently lack discipline, humility, long term outlook, and a sense of deferred gratification. Traits present among Chinese-Filipinos that contributed to their success.

        People shouldn’t mistake kilometric ranting for actual constructive criticism. You unfortunately have offered nothing new but would choose to detract from the gains Filipinos have earned.

        Your terrible grammar simply aggravates your predicament.

  • AlexanderAmproz

    That why 30 millions Filipinos don’t eat every day, should be proud of it ?

    Who will cash the 3 Billions ?

    God business for Danding Cojuengco, Mindanao main “Land Grabber”
    to boost profits he need to buy cheap forbidden Endosulfan poisoning peoples, lands, Rivers and seas, a superb selfishness…

    • uncommonsensibility

      You would make a terrible economic planner.

  • Batala

    Very good Mindanao.

    Now wonder a lot of Luzon and Visayas natives are now living there! IF ONLY ASG, BIFF, MILF, and MNLF will lay down their arms. Sulu will certainly defeat Boracay and most places as the top tourist spot.

    • AlexanderAmproz

      Bad luck to the Borocay land grabbers on the way, a Aetas Paradise was turned into trash by politicians and “Influential” respected peoples.

      Do the Tausug will be next greed victims ?

      • Batala

        We would like to envision it as a sponsorship of the Sultan of Sulu.

        And the inspiration is UAE, with Dubai style of governance. In this way the Tausug will not be the next greed victims and Sulu, Tawi-Tawi will be THE BIG THING IN THE PHILIPPINES.

        And I doubt that will happen to the Tausug as they are the most friendly and most patriotic Muslim tribe in the Philippines.

        Also the mayor and the governor are just Muslim rulers who count the minority Christians as their brothers. Only the Sulu government has in their webpage the Christian Cathedral.

        Go Sulu! Be the next big thing in Tourism.

      • AlexanderAmproz

        Long time ago I have been to Bongao/Tawi-Tawi, Simunul and some other Islets, Pam boat adventurous trips, it was so nice and I love the Tausug, There is big tourism development opportunities, but peace is needed.

      • Batala

        Bro, I hope you don’t stop in sharing your personal experience (if the topic in these forums so arises) so that many more Filipinos will know about this.

        Personally, I hope that the Sulu archipelago will be independent from the political “shackles” of the ARMM and the MILF in the future.

        Let us not forget that the governor of Sulu, Gov. Tan personally requested that his province be removed from the ARMM to JOIN THE REST OF THE PEOPLE in the MAINSTREAM political life of the country.

        In my personal capacity, companies that invest in Sulu (as long as they are joining or a member of the stock market) will be included in my business portfolio.

      • AlexanderAmproz

        Sulu was famous for Pearls,

        it should be durable development oriented.

        If you have Calamansi, do Calamansi juice,

        Seas and land biodiversity are maybe the best in the World, this is what will attract customers. Rarest plants plantations for medical, pharmaceutical, perfume, spices, etc.
        Environment joint-venture University or Laboratory, etc.

        Tausug’s Sailors and Diver expert are since ever, many-things they already know can be improved and done.

        Strangely I was kidnap on Manuk Manka Island,
        when I told them Bongao Major was my friend, I was under his protection, they released me at once.

        Few years ago, 3 red cross employees were kidnaped by Governor Tan body guards former chief, Tan a GMA supporter, at that time Malacagnan was in advertising need for her Washington friend war on terror, AFP looking for subsides, oil depots could also be there.
        I believe the Tausug are manipulated Politic toys,
        no doubt with the Kiram III ridiculous Sabah adventure on purpose to excite the Nationalists(Marcos’s, JPE), embarassed the Government for destabilisation purposes, who know ?

      • uncommonsensibility

        Pearls are a product of irritation. There is no inherent value in them. The people of Mindanao have themselves to blame for their inability to be a cohesive nation.

        The threat of violence is the only way they have projected their prospects for autonomy. A heavenly portent to the kind of rule that one can expect from them.

      • uncommonsensibility

        You cannot transform a region ruled by warlords and in constant strife within itself to the next big thing in tourism.

        The people of Mindanao will have to call it what it is -terrorism if not linger in accommodating it.

      • Batala

        Bro, you are also right.

        Maybe what we want is what people call “wishful thinking.” But it is a hope nonetheless, Tawi-Tawi, Sulu, and the Turtle Islands ARE MORE BEAUTIFUL than most beaches (especially Boracay).

        The Sultan of Sulu together with the governors and the mayors must use their limited resources AND TAKE ADVANTAGE of the better relations of the Tausug and infidel Filipinos.

      • AlexanderAmproz

        The Sulu Sultan never did anything and will never do, no knowledges, predations excepted, but the potential is enormous if safe. Some have personal interests to keep it unsafe, Tausug aren’t different from any other Filipinos, they want a peaceful and sustainable life. For the moment they have sand and coconuts, it isn’t enough for a decent life. Trade routes with Surabaya and Makassar should be reopened.

      • Batala

        Yes that is true. Frankly it is a thing that we consider as “kung sana lang.”

        I hope the Sultan of Sulu will be PROACTIVE and NOT WASTE the GOOD WILL and SUPPORT of the Filipino majority.
        (as per recent surveys regarding the “level of moral support by generally infidel Filipinos to the Sultan of Sulu Jamamul Kiram III as opposed to other claimants).

      • AlexanderAmproz

        Turn The Sultanate into a Museum piece and a Republic should be established with a land reform. Foreigners should be allowed to buy small plot for business or tourism developments, they will bring knowhow and employment.
        Modern environment laws have to be very strict and strictly implemented, mandatory, it’s the Peoples main and only treasure at the moment !

  • DonQuixoteDeRizal

    3b from bananas and pineapples?

    • amos

      largest banana plantation in the world..and so is the largest pineapple plantation in the world, other high value crops such as mangosteen, rambutan and durian, etc..

      • AlexanderAmproz

        The World best land grabbers, stinkier than durian is death

      • DonQuixoteDeRizal

        these plantations are owned by multinational corporations like Dole and Del Monte but they pay rent to the government. Check how much they pay for the rent and you’ll be surprise how cheap it is.

        Not all you see on the surface are good for us. Some are ugly and we are not aware about it.

      • AlexanderAmproz

        Del Monte owner is Danding Cojuengco, he bought it few years ago from the Italian SARLAT

  • jojo_castillo169

    grabe ang mindanao. self sustaining talaga.

    • amos

      and we are only 20million…

    • Batala

      Right now I would rather use the phrase, economically competitive.

      The security, freedom, and economy of many Mindanao citizens is guaranteed by the blood not only of the Mindanao people but by Visayans and people of Luzon who fought against terrorism and the insurgency. Right now the AFP is even providing security details to Muslims being threatened by other Muslim (rido and politcal competition). The PH as a country should be self-sustaining as a nation with all her provinces working together in synergy.

      Go Mindanao onward to peace and progress! Go PH!

  • nick

    good to hear… i just hope it grows more

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