BIR collected P244B in 1st quarter

Up 6.6% from last year, but 4.8% off target


BIR Commissioner Kim Jacinto-Henares. INQUIRER FILE PHOTO

The Bureau of Internal Revenue raised P244.1 billion in the first quarter, representing a jump of 6.6 percent year-on-year but short by 4.8 percent against the target for the period.

From January to March 2012, the BIR collected P229.04 billion. For the past three months, it had aimed at a total P256.3 billion.

BIR documents released Friday showed that in March alone, the agency collected about P74.8 billion or almost P10 billion short of the P84.6-billion target for the month.

This means the BIR missed all monthly records so far this year although it also consistently exceeded actual monthly collections in the previous year. In 2013, the BIR is tasked to raise P1.25 trillion.

Internal Revenue Commissioner Kim S. Henares earlier said that collections were expected to be stronger in the coming months, especially with the deadline of the filing of tax returns in April. This is mainly the reason why April has the biggest monthly target for the BIR at about P141.4 billion.

Henares said the BIR anticipated seeing the effects on collections of jacked-up excise tax rates on tobacco products and alcoholic beverages in the second half of the year.

Based on BIR data, P233.4 billion of first-quarter collections accounted for cash. This represented an increase of P19.4 billion or 9 percent year-on-year from P214 billion.

The rest of the revenue in the first quarter represented P10.6 billion in noncash inflows such as payments that were made using tax credits.

The BIR said in a statement that collections from regional offices “continu(ed) the trend from last year” of double-digit growth rates.

The BIR’s Large Taxpayer Service (LTS) also showed a 3-percent improvement. For the full year, the LTS is tasked to improve its collections to P768.3 billion, which is 63 percent of the BIR’s cash target of P1.22 trillion.

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  • Vic @ Business Tips Blog

    We must not only look on the BIR collection, but we must also check the cost of collection or money spent by the BIR to collect those amount of taxes. Collection is not yet net income or net surplus – we still have to determine the disbursements. And much better if we can also look on how the government is spending those collections.


    No offense to Kim, but look at the picture, parang isang linggo na di natutulog or naka drugs. Laki ng mga mata.

  • calipso_2100

    This aint good news until the money is spent wisely for the people.

  • RJ Legaspi

    Setting targets or goals is a way to measure the effectiveness of the bureau’s campaign of lifting the tax collection. If they hit the target it could mean that their campaign is effective and must look for more innovative ways to make it better. In this case, they missed it and it would mean that something went wrong and they must rectify it to improve the collection. However, a 6.6% increase is already a big feat but it was not high enough to meet the target.

    Almost every entity, corporations and organizations set goals to achieve and they do that to measure how well they perform. Even a student set a target grade he wants to receive. If he does not achieve the grade he wants then he must study even harder. Likewise, the BIR must work even harder to meet the set targets.

    The BIR has been very effective recently but they still have to a lot more. I am looking forward wherein the Government asks less tax from its citizens yet able to provide an even more quality public services

  • Klep Tomanyak

    Mas lalong gaganahan ang mga magnanakaw na pulitiko na manalo sa elections dahil sa pag upo nila sa puwesto, ready na ang pera para sa kanilang mga bulsa. Babawi na sa gasto sa vote buying, electioneering, advertisements, at bribery.

  • ConcernedCitizenPh

    Pigang piga na ang mga balagoong. Yung mga hindi nagbabayad naman ang pigain ng BIR

    • Loreto Estoesta

      tirahin yun mga cong, at sen. pati lucio pinadala na yun cigaretts sa singapore pag balik sa pinas blue seal na o dadaan sa backdoor tulad ng malaysia yun blue seal na yan galing din dito sa atin iwas tax nga naman sin tax kalokohan yan hindi mamemeet yun target na collection ni recto at ibang senador pag nag bisyo yun isang tao bibili at bibili ng sigarilyo eh.. mas mura yun smuggled cigar di walang tax yun rampant yata ang smuggling pagtuunan lang yun napakalaki yun mga dapat na buwis henares is good but not good enough still sleeping on the job so many corrupt rich pipol with the connivance ng mga cpa na yan at mismo insider ng BIR you’re one of the corrupt institution tulad ng mga politician at taga custom hindi lang trillion ang colection mo trilliones …intindi la muchaha

  • Aisa Pangdan

    Good job but look at the stores (siomai, donuts, etc) located at LRT and MRT stations – not even ONE of them is issuing receipts, to think that these are located at government facility. Pero kapag nasa loob ng mall – nagbibigay naman sila ng resibo?

    • Ricky Espino Junas

      bat di ka manghingi kung ayaw magbigay wag kang bumili simple lang

      • JOHNCeneza


      • Billy Reyes

        No Issuing receipt means not paying vat.

      • JOHNCeneza

        Oo tama ka, but how can we citizen help in things like this? by asking reciept. Doing our part, not only complain

      • Billy Reyes

        Concern consumer don’t usually buy in a establishment with no receipt because that illegal in so many ways.

      • ConcernedCitizenPh

        and understatement of sales and income in income statement which means payment of less income tax.

      • Billy Reyes

        I don’t understand your language can you speak English Pls.

      • Jenny Santilleces

        hindi ba english ung sinabi nya? baka you mean you would like it to be in layman’s term… he is using business/accounting terminologies po kasi.

      • Klep Tomanyak

        Me, I intentionally tell the shops not to issue receipts for anything I buy from them. Be it a petrol station, grocery, and even shops in the malls. I just tell the casher not to issue receipts because my tax will just go to the politicians pockets anyway. At same time I already brainwashed my kids not to trust the government, not to ask for receipts because it is a waste of time waiting for that piece of paper, I also told them when they grow up, they migrate and never come back.

      • mercuree

        Just hope that they’ll grow up well in the place that other people pay taxes while you don’t.

      • Jhun Santos

        you dont pay tax then dont expect anything from the government

      • パンダ熊猫팬더หมีแพนด้าпанд

        leave the PHILIPPINES, NOW GO!

    • ConcernedCitizenPh

      Kasi ang nagbabayad lang ang palaging binabalik-balikan ng BIR. Walang me tyaga magpunta at balik-balikan yung mga tulad ng sinasabi mo. Kung puntahan man yun, once a year lang ata kaya lusot pa rin sila kasi yung one-time penalty lang binayaran at hindi katulad ng mga honest taxpayer na monthly, quarterly at annually at me regular audit pa kada taon.

  • AntiAko

    KUDOS! Keep up the excellent work. Makes you wonder why this girl wasn’t tapped by the government sooner….

    • FILIPINOpatriot4ever

      Keep it up! Go go go!!

    • yesyesyo

      Revenue generation keeps on jumping year on year under Kim Henares.

    • padrefaura

      you must not read the story, the BIR MISSED THE TARGET again!!!

      • JOHNCeneza

        But who set the target? How do they determine the target? If its an assumption, well it could be hit or miss right. They have no way to be certain exactly how much.

      • padrefaura

        still, they missed the target. right? so are you saying that they purposely set a target to miss it?

      • AntiAko

        setting a very high target is the norm. parang sa education natin: we target 100% literacy kahit alam naman natin na isang batang paslit lang na hindi makapag-aral eh hindi na kaagad achieved yung goal. but still, it wouldn’t make sense to set let’s say 85% target.

      • JOHNCeneza

        Well there is no harm in setting a high target. It’s just a goal that BIR people need to motivate them to work harder. There is no way how taxpayers’ taxes be quantified exactly until all the data are collected. As I said the target is an assumption that might be hit or missed.

        Would it be ok for you that the BIR just set a lower target so they always hit it?

      • Maykatmon

        The Dept of Finance sets the target and it is set when they deliberate the general appropriations bill a year before. the GAA has to specify the source of the appropriations. They have to set a high target so that they will not be lax on their collection. If they meet the target they will have bonuses, it’s done on an RDO, regional and national level.

      • Leo Capurictan

        the target is set by the DOF base on data given by economic coordinating agency, this is a study of a group base on the number of individuals, companies,economic growth, among others. hindi po basta basta sino ang mag seset nito . hindi po tulad ni biazon na siya ang nagsasabi lang ano baangh target na collection.

      • JOHNCeneza

        But it is still an assumption. DOF does the assumption based on available data, but they have no way to predict every scenario on every taxpayer. therefore, it is still an assumption.

      • AntiAko

        The rise in revenue year-on-year must count for something, don’t you agree? If the BIR missed its target that’s because the bar has been set much higher.

      • padrefaura

        does not change the fact that they missed their target, right?

      • AntiAko

        ay ewan ko sa yo. dapat pala babaan ng BIR yung target nila para satisfied ang mga taong kagaya mo. yun nga lang, with a lower target eh di hindi rin sila magdodoble kayod.

        sometimes you have to look at the donut and not the hole.

      • padrefaura

        so what’s the point of making a target if its ok to miss it? para saan pa yung target na yan? wala lang? esep esep.

      • AntiAko

        haay, you set a target kasi that is your aim. and you need to aim high para mataas din yung ma achieve mo kahit di mo naabot yung target.

      • padrefaura

        if your government cannot hit the target, it is points against credit of the country. do you understand the importance of a target? hindi laro-laro lang ang target na yan.

      • JOHNCeneza

        Question, how do you set a target?

      • latino_boom

        E h dapat pala nag prisinta ka kay Pinoy o kaya dati Kay Pandak kc perfect ka pala sa pag kolekta ng buwis…meaning to say ytou have the perfect formula to hit the target….o talaga lang may utak talangka ka

      • Jenny Santilleces

        padrefaura is not grasping the bigger picture. no amount of rebuttal will ever satisfied this guy coz he’s here to discredit the government and not really to be convince.

      • padrefaura

        Yeah, sure. The government sets up target revenues just for fun. It means nothing. Right?

      • isprikitik

        target are used as a gauge how you perform…now if you’re near the target compared from last year, lets say in percentage basis since magkaiba naman siguro ang target last year at ngayon, then you can say you have achieve something…in other words reference ang target, how close you are to your mark. It can also help you in strategizing things, Ok di na-achieve ang target, malalaman natin saan tayo nagkulang…it is an aid for the analysts…dont take it negative, rather we should take it positively…what to do next the fact na di na achieve ang target…alam yan ni Aling Kim…

      • padrefaura

        so you are saying that targets are made to be missed? what a pathetic thing to say.

      • latino_boom

        for you it’s different …cause you have this big crab mentality you will refuse to understand the purpose of target…why are you perfect in making an assumption?

      • latino_boom

        Eh kasi naman yang utak mong talangka eh ayaw umunawa…you are on a look out for a fault rather than the positive things that BIR did…now i will ask you something what is your goal for next year? or in another 5 years…or just maybe next month?…now if you will think positively this is your target in life…now what was your target couple of years back? we’re you able to hit it or slightly short?

      • ConcernedCitizenPh

        The BIR will miss its target because they collect from the same taxpayers. It has reached a point that the BIR can no longer squeeze more tax payments from the same group of people because they can only give so much. BIR should start focusing on getting the huge underground economy that we have into the Philippine taxation system. This should be the source of increases in tax collections.

      • Jhun Santos

        Inde ka pa nakakapasok sa retail industry .. you missed the target but you are striving for it

      • Jenny Santilleces

        for as long as the revenue increases relative to last year’s performance for the 1st quarter, i am happy with that. 5% below the target is not much as compare to the increase in collection with reference to last year’s revenue.

      • Mel Manalo

        yung mga tira ng tira ng di nagiisip, mabuti nga lagpas ang koleksyon kesa nakaraang taon pero di lagpas sa target… bakit kamo? kasi pag naabutan at nalagpasan ang target, me mga bonus ang empleyado ng bir (at customs na rin) na kukunin mula sa koleksyon ng buwis at ibang koleksyon.. a certain percentage above the collection target paghahatihatian nila…. nasa batas yan..”lateral attrition” law ata ang tawag….. sa tingin ko sinasadya nga ata ni comm. henares na taasan ang target palagi para di maabutan ng sa gayon di kailangang bigyan ng bonus ang mga empleyado. di dapat bigyan ng bonus ang wasto at tama lamang na trabaho ng mga empleyado ng bir at customs. samantalang ang mga teacher at iba pang normal na govt employee na gumagawa ng wastong trabaho walang ganitong incentive.

        so sa mga basta basta bumabatikos ……MGA BUBUUU KAYO!

      • padrefaura

        isa pa itong hindi nag-iisip. sinadya pa ngayon na taasan ang target para hindi magbigay ng bonus. tindi ng theory mo, pre…. hindi nyo ba alam na kasama sa economic ratings ng isang bansa ang pag-abot sa target tax collection?

      • Mel Manalo

        naku nagmagaling na naman si padreputa…. ikaw ang tangengot… kaya pala tinaasan (at tataasan pa) ang rating ng pinas kasi di maabot abot ang target.. ang importante successive na higher collections na malapit sa target, hindi critical ang malagpasan ang target…. di mo ba alam na datirati inaabuso ang lateral attrition lalo na nung panahon ni gloria kaya natututo na ang bir ngayon. ikaw ang walang isip.

    • carlcid

      Henares was deputy commissioner for the BIR during the Arroyo administration. She’s no new-found jewel among the rubble.

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